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How to Order and Enroll in the PDS

There are four ways to enroll in the Professional Development Series.  There are no application requirements or special qualifications to enroll - we are open to everyone who is interested in learning the technical concepts of energy medicine.  Each of the enrollment options is described below.  By enrolling in the PDS, you agree to ITEM's terms and conditions.  See ITEM's payment options page for ways to place an order.

1.  The easiest way to enroll in ITEM's Professional Development Series for beginners is to order Step 1 ($395).  ITEM will process your order immediately and have the textbook to you within 3 days for domestic orders or one week for international orders..

2.  You may also elect to order Steps 1 and 2 at the same time ($700).  This is beneficial for those individuals who would like to study the fundamentals and the advanced principles at the same time, as it facilitates understanding of the material for many.   

3.  Alternatively, you may choose to order all Steps in the Professional Development Series all at one time ($895).  If you would like to order the Full PDS with the Step 3 option for the written examination ($895), click the Buy Now button below.

4.  You may also order the Full PDS with the Step 3 option to conduct original research using ITEM's RFI™ system ($1,350).  This cost includes the RFI™ system at a 25% discount off of the published price.

PDS Upgrade Options

If you are already enrolled in ITEM's Professional Development Series, or if you have ITEM's Resonant Field Imaging™ system, upgrade options are provided below.  

1.  If you already own the RFI™ system, you can enroll in the Professional Development Series for only $500 more.

2.  If you have completed Step 1 you can order Step 2 ($395).

3.  If you have completed Step 1 you can order Steps 2 and 3, with the written examination ($500).

4.  If you have completed Step 1 you can order Steps 2 and 3, with the RFI™ system ($895).

5.  If you have completed Steps 1 and 2 you can order Step 3, with the written examination ($295).

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