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Measure subtle electromagnetic fields with accuracy and precision using this hand-held digital frequency counter.  Measures 1 MHz - 3 GHz range, and includes an internal rechargeable battery, a filter that when turned off will measure low-strength fields, and hold button to lock in frequencies.

Price: $349.95

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This 3-axis datalogging Gaussmeter is designed to provide quick, reliable and easy measurements of magnetic field radiation levels around power lines, home appliances and industrial devices. Datalogging with time/date stamp for field use and RS-232 Optical interface with Windows software and cable included.

Price: $359.00

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The TriField Meter™ is the only one which combines magnetic, electric, and radio/microwave detection in one package. This meter combines all these unique features with affordable pricing for fast, reliable measurements of electromagnetic pollution.

Price: $179.95

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This powerful tool has it all: frequency counter, spectrum display, and RF intensity. Scan the entire frequency range from 100 kHz all the way up to 2060 MHz.  If you ever wanted to analyze the mixture of RF signals in your environment, this is the unit for you.

Price: $1,995.00

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This is easiest hand held meter to use for measuring AC electric fields accurately. Just turn the switch on and take your readings. 4˝-digit readout is in V/m. Sensitive from 1 - 19,999 V/m. 2% accuracy from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, but can be used up to 100 kHz. 9V battery included. One year manufacturer warranty.

Price: $259.95



The Natural EM Meter detects radio/microwaves and changes in extremely weak static (DC or "natural") electric and magnetic fields. Using both a needle type meter and audible tone, it detects: radio transmitters, geomagnetic storms, unusual magnetic solar activity, electrical activity of thunderstorms, much more.

Price: $259.95

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