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Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) is a quantitative method for objectively determining the nature of energy fields.  It detects the predominant color within 40 regions in the human aura field, and automatically interprets the image based on ITEM's extensive research.  It will also generate an image of the human brain.  RFI™ can also be used for plants, animals, spaces, and even inanimate objects.  Simple, accurate and very affordable.

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ITEM offers a three-step educational program called the Professional Development Series in Energy Medicine (PDS).  Upon completion of the PDS, International Certification as an Energy Medicine Analyst is granted by ITEM.  The PDS is completely entirely through correspondence study - no classrooms, and no time requirements - you study at your own pace.  ITEM assigns an "electronic professor" to assist you with your studies.  To complete the program, you must either take a written examination or complete a research study using ITEM's Resonant Field Imaging™ system.

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Professional Development Series in Energy Medicine

Biofield Viewer (BFV) is a unique video imaging system that is internationally recognized as an effective Bioenergy Field Imaging System. It reveals the interference of light patterns at and beyond the visible spectrum and shows energy dynamics at work. The theory is based on the fact that our eyes see in two principal ways - amplitude and frequency changes.

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Biofield Viewer

ITEM offers a series of affordable and effective biofeedback devices for the measurement of brain, heart, muscle and galvanic skin response signals, which can be analyzed using software.  These signals can be converted into audible sound.  Also available is a brain tuning program that allows you to control sounds using your mind.

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Explore ITEM's full line of energy field measurement devices, including electric field meters, gauss meters, field strength analyzers, frequency counters, and multi-functional meters, for the measurement of all types of energy fields.

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ITEM offers several products designed to protect you from the potentially harmful electromagnetic emissions of modern electronics, including cell phones, and strengthen your own energy field.

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Electromagnetic Protection Products

Feel free to browse our Bookstore, including ITEM exclusive publications that you will not find anywhere else.  Some of the offerings are components of ITEM products, and some are the result of thousands of hours of legal and scientific research.

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