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Professional Development Series


Examen de Prueba para el Paso 1 del PDS (Parte 1)

Objectivo: Responda 7 preguntas correctamente (70%) para ir al siguiente examen de prueba (JavaScript requerido)

1. A ball held in a person's hand at a height of 2 meters above ground surface best represents which of the following types of energy?

a. Kinetic Energy
b. Gravity
c. Potential Energy
d. Newtonian Energy

2. If consciousness is defined as the inherent capacity to participate in atomic or subatomic energy information exchange with the environment, which of the following could be considered to be conscious?

a. Sunlight
b. Salt
c. A Computer
d. Both b. and c. are correct

3. Which of the following best describes the mechanisms that underlie the human bioenergy field (within 4 inches of the body):

a. The human bioenergy field results from the flow of qi or chi through the meridian system
b. Human bioenergy is the result of localized neuroelectrical impulses and the flow of electricity through the nervous system
c. Human bioenergy results from the combined electromagnetic emissions of billions of cells
d. Both b. and c. are correct

4. Fill in the blank:  All ______ are subtle energies, but subtle energies are not necessarily ______.

a. Metaphysical energies
b. Bioenergies
c. Energyinformatics
d. Electromagnetic fields

5. Which of the following is FALSE concerning torsion fields:

a. Torsion fields are the underlying "cause" of electromagnetic phenomena
b. Torsion fields transmit information without measurable signal loss
c. The behavior of torsion fields is akin to psychic healing energies that are not constrained by distance
d. Torsion fields are the underlying "cause" of the holographic theory of the universe

6. Consciousness may be considered a "pool" of inherent energy information capacity that, for each being, is characterized as a balance between:

a. The conscious and unconscious
b. The Universal Mind and the Lesser Akashic Record
c. Physical matter and higher order manifestations
d. Individual and shared (collective) consciousness

7. Which of the following is TRUE concerning the Akashic Record:

a. A human can access the information in the Akashic Record when their brain activity is greater than 15 cycles per second (cps)
b. Not everything that someone "sees" within the Akashic Record is objectively true
c. The Akashic Record is objectively different for all those who access it
d. Archetypes and symbology of humankind affect the information stored in the Akashic Record

8. A person experiences significant trauma and subsequently emotional pain.  The person's friend recommends a healer who focuses on balancing chakras.  What would the healer most likely do first to help the person?

a. Tune each of the seven chakras to ensure that the appropriate, balanced spectrum of colors are present
b. Attempt to open the Heart Chakra, which had closed due to the trauma
c. "Rotate" each chakra counterclockwise to temporarily reverse the normal spin path
d. Stimulate the base chakra, so that life force energies can resume normal flow up the spine

9. Two processes are necessary for pure, uncharacterized universal energy to manifest as matter in our physical plane: Etheric Manifestation and _________________.

a. Conscious Intent
b. Unconscious Focus
c. Etherial Mentation
d. Pranic Concentration

10. Politics may be defined in metaphysical terms as a process for humans to effectively interact amidst differing ideologies due to humankind's lack of:

a. Knowledge of the mechanics of the universe
b. Innate ability to tune into different wavelengths of thought
c. Collective consciousness
d. A fully-developed pineal gland

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