About Item

ITEM was originally established in 1994 as the non-profit organization, “Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc.”, for the purpose of developing proprietary, “cutting edge” technologies in the fields of energy medicine and bioenergy science, and to administer educational programs in the field.  In 1998, the decision was made to change the name that the Institute does business under to Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM), to reflect the Institute’s growing emphasis on advancing new and innovative scientific and alternative health technologies such as Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™).  ITEM develops and collaborates with those who develop new and innovative technologies, making them available to health practitioners, scientists and researchers for personal and professional use.  ITEM is based in Mechanicsburg, PA, USA, although its affiliates operate across the globe.

The Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc., the parent corporation of ITEM, continues to function as the administrator of ITEM’s popular Professional Development Series in Energy Medicine, and as a public resource in the fields of energy medicine and bioenergy science through its Energy Medicine Information Center and Bookstore, which includes many exclusive publications.

The Institute’s primary mission is to give people the tools to explore energy medicine on their own, from a critical and technical perspective.  The Institute strives to give more objective and comprehensive explanations of phenomena which interest the public.  The type of research that the Institute conducts is primarily analytical, involving more in-depth logical, critical and factual analyses of other theories from other researchers around the world. We apply logic and fundamental physics to provide objective explanations that researchers often fail to consider or explore, with an emphasis on breaking the prejudices and misconceptions which are used to unfairly discourage or discriminate against serious scientific studies by other organizations. In that respect, the Institute is more of a “think tank,” drawing on other scientific studies and filling in the gaps, adding information from lesser known sources outside of the US.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your visit to ITEM’s website, and discover resources and opportunities to fulfill your personal and professional needs and ambitions.  We encourage you to print out the pages and reports contained in this site, for your own interest and enjoyment.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or wish to give feedback.

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