ITEM’s Professional Services

servicessymbolIn addition to conducting research and development for its own innovative technologies, ITEM also provides managed research and development services, and professional, expert marketing and business building services for companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, private inventors and entrepreneurs in the scientific, health, and alternative health industries.

ITEM, working in conjunction with its legal and management partner STILAS (Strategical Task-Force for International Law and Security, LLC) in the US and Russian Federation, offers professional services in the form of:

  • Targeted, industry and region-specific market research, and development of advertising strategies and promotional materials for technologies;
  • Public relations and review of published reports, advertisements and materials, with strong emphasis on US legislative and regulatory compliance issues unique to scientific and health care technologies;
  • Facilitation and third-party representation in acquisitions, including identifying and locating desirable and marketable technologies for acquisition;
  • Business consulting, business plan development and expert support in process, method and experimental research design;
  • Managed, in-house and out-sourced research and development services (i.e., technology and product testing and customized research solutions); and
  • Website and software development and custom e-commerce solutions through our partner, Newphysics Design, who developed and maintains ITEM’s site.

ITEM and its worldwide team of expert subcontractors is available to discuss your specific project at any time.  We welcome all requests for proposals, bids and price quotes relating to business or technology development projects in the science, technology, and health fields.  Simply contact ITEM by email ( or phone (1-888-30-ITEM) and an ITEM executive will contact you personally.

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