Nevoton® Magnet Therapy Product

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The Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster protects you against the undesirable effects of low-level electromagnetic fields caused by computers, peripherals such as monitors, and other technology equipment operating on high frequency electronic information signals.  The Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster generates a steady, self-modulated magnetic field with precision technical characteristics for protecting and improving your heath. It is driven by its unique space-age microcircuit, which automatically switches polarity from plus to minus and vice versa, as needed.

The Anti-FON™ Booster Telecommunications Accessory protects and supports you during the use of cellular phones, cordless phones and other wireless communicators.  After only 3 minutes of talking on a cellular or cordless phone, the radiation begins to dramatically lower your immune system and overall physical condition. Without protection, after only 10 minutes of talk time, your health condition is reduced to only 40% of its previous level. With the quadruple-patented Anti-FON™ Booster protecting you, your mental and physical performance capabilities actually increase to a whopping 160% of their previous level, even after a whole 30 minutes of talk time, and continues to increase!

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