Partnership Opportunities

ITEM offers income generating opportunities for the following products:

  • Resonant Field Imaging™ITEM automatically considers anyone who orders 2 RFI™ systems (at a 30% discount) an “Advanced Research Coordinator” (i.e., distributor).  After ordering at least 2 RFI™ systems to begin, you are entitled to the following discounts, which may be increased by ITEM at any time:-  1 RFI™ system ordered at a time: 30% discount;-  2 RFI™ systems ordered at a time: 35% discount;-  3-4 RFI™ systems ordered at a time: 40% discount;-  5-9 RFI™ systems ordered at a time: 45% discount; and

    –  10 or more RFI™ systems ordered at a time: 50% discount.

    For distributors, ITEM can either ship RFI™ systems to you directly or ship systems directly to your customers.

    ITEM does not officially recognize “sales territories” unless you wish to claim an exclusive territory.  In such cases, you should prepare a proposal on how you plan to market RFI™.  You will need to commit to a minimum number of sales per year (negotiable) in a contract.  ITEM will refer all customers from those territories to you.

    Anyone who orders 1 RFI™ system is considered a “Basic Research Coordinator” and will be given a $100 commission for each referral made to another who then orders RFI™. It is your responsibility to ensure that your customers properly recognize you as the person making the referral so you can obtain credit.

  • BOSS™ Motion Therapy SystemITEM offers a flat commission of $400 for each BOSS™ sale that you generate.
  • Bee Cell’Phone and Electro N’Tech Electromagnetic Protection ProductsITEM offers a flat commission of 15% for each Bee Cell’Phone and Bee Electro N’Tech sale that you generate.

Other Partnership Options

If you do not wish to become a distributor but nonetheless wish to promote ITEM’s products on your website, you can request a special arrangement from ITEM in which you collect funds and ITEM will ship products to your customers. Under both scenarios, ITEM grants flat commissions per sale.  The amount of the commission depends on whether you take ownership of the product that you are referring.  If you own the product, ITEM will grant commissions equal to those listed above.  If you do not own the product, ITEM will grant commissions equal to 50% of those listed above.

Promotional Rules

Anytime someone wishes to partner with ITEM, ITEM must approve of the content of your promotional materials such as websites and printed brochures before ITEM will grant commissions.  At a minimum, the following rules must be met:

  1. You can use ITEM’s website and brochure language, but you must reference that the language is Copyright (C) Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM) somewhere in the material.  In other words, you must reference that you obtained permission from ITEM to use its copyright materials.
  2. The trademark symbol, “TM”, must always be used following the names of Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) and Brain Optimization & Synchronization System™ (BOSS™), and you must identify ITEM as the source of the technology.

If you have any questions about these rules and conditions, please contact us.

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