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Please Note: Some of the materials presented here are not merely books, but rather consist of professional advice with significant commercial value, and a very real potential to help you save or earn money, and stimulate and strengthen your business.  Therefore, the prices of some of these materials reflect their great value in practice, the high cost of the professional legal or business research tools that were required to write them, the cost of expert consultants, as well as the billable hours of licensed attorneys or medical doctors who invested their time and effort to bring you these important manuals.

Protecting Your Rights in Alternative Healthcare

By Matthew B. Greene, Esq.,
Attorney at Law, ITEM

If you are involved with herbal medicine, dietary supplements, biofeedback, bioenergy devices, radionics, telsa coil or electro-psychometry devices, or other psychotronics, then you need this book.

Learn how to describe your experimental therapies or electronic devices in a way which is legally safe.  This book is the product of over $10,000 in legal research by a licensed attorney at law.  It gives inside information about defending yourself against renegade federal agents and even state prosecutors.  Includes overview of state laws affecting all alternative healers, and explains how to protect yourself from laws imposing harsh penalties on alternative health practices.

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) targets individuals and businesses who use, design, manufacture or sell items related to alternative health care.  Their famous “raids” involve surprise inspections, often involving threats and intimidation, illegal destruction of property, and other flagrant abuses of authority.  Even “experimental” or “investigational” devices are targets.  You will learn:

  • How to avoid legal traps and “red flags” that invite a “Raid”;
  • What to do and what to say if you are raided by the FDA;
  • How to diffuse a dangerous situation if they threaten or use guns; and
  • The FDA “dirty tricks” and how to beat them.

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Protecting Your Rights in Alternative Health Care is the most important manual you will ever have, and your business or practice will rely on it for years to come.  We expect that it will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages if you are ever raided or sued even once.  Prevention is better than a cure.  This is both.  This manual is important for anyone worldwide who practices alternative health.  (Approximately 50 single-spaced pages, distributed in electronic format).

The “Energyinformatic Science” textbook is Step 1 in ITEM’s Professional Development Series (PDS).  The textbook is available for purchase for those who do not wish to enroll in the PDS.  Use this link to view the Table of Contents for this textbook.  (Approximately 250 pages).


The “Lectures in Energyinformatic Science” textbook is Step 2 in ITEM’s Professional Development Series (PDS).  The textbook is available for purchase for those who do not wish to enroll in the PDS.  Use this link to view a sample lecture from this textbook.  (Approximately 400 pages).


The “RFI™ Technical Manual” contains a plethora of information concerning bioenergy fields, technical data, and applications, for those who do not wish to order the complete RFI™ system.  Use this link view a sample chapter from this manual.  (Approximately 270 pages).


The Collective Works of Dr. Harold Cober is a compilation of the significant work of Harold Cober, Ph.D. over the past decade, a long-time partner and colleague of ITEM, a pioneer of modern integrative theories of cosmology, physics, neuroscience, genetics, and bioenergy science, and the founder of the field of Theodynamics.  The Collective Works of Dr. Harold Cober is recorded onto a comprehensive CD for easy viewing and printing in multiple formats, and includes over 1,500 pages of new and exciting theories and applications.  Dr. Cober’s approach is direct and confrontational, challenging conventional science and religion to break free from the self-imposed limitations that have prevented planetary implementation of greater states of awareness.  The CD contains over 15 books and manuals developed by Dr. Cober, a preview of which is shown at the website for the Theodynamics Institute.


The Vibrational Feedback Program, or VyoFeedback™, is specifically oriented toward “spiritual” users of the Brain Optimization & Synchronization System™ (BOSS™) as a means to access higher levels of consciousness through rotational motion.  The principles presented in VyoFeedback™ are, however, general to the extent that those who do not have BOSS™ will benefit through other applications.  VyoFeedback™ is the result of several years worth of research at the Theodynamics Institute.  Additional details can be found on the Theodynamics Institute’s website.


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