Brain Optimization & Synchronization System™

Welcome to the website for the Brain Optimization & Synchronization System™ (BOSS™), ITEM’s newest innovative technology.  BOSS is a process that has shown promise in revolutionizing the way we think about human energy and balance. BOSS utilizes a custom-engineered, fully automated and programmable table to accomplish horizontal rotation at rates and cycles designed to stabilize the flow of neuroelectrical impulses and synchronize brain activity.

Why is brain synchronization important? Numerous medical studies have shown the importance of synchronized brain activity in controlling moods and emotions and maintaining optimal physiological balance. Other studies have shown that memory and cognitive functioning is enhanced when the left and right brain hemispheres are working together. However, it is unfortunately rare to find people with synchronized brain activity.  For example, someone who is highly creative usually exhibits far more electrical activity in the right side of the brain than the left side.  BOSS™ “teaches” the brain to use both sides equally – unleashing abilities you may not have known you had!

layingdownThis concept is not new, but ITEM has discovered the secrets to effective brain synchronization results through several years of research, and has utilized state of the art technology to achieve these results.

We have attempted to include as much information as possible about BOSS™ on this site.  If, after reviewing this information you still have questions, please contact us.  Please use the links below to learn more about BOSS™.

For research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

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