Introduction to BOSS

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ (BOSS™) is an advanced motion therapy technology designed and developed from high-tech research in neurophysiology and neuropsychology. The essence of the system is practical and effective use of horizontal rotational motion and partial temporary sensory deprivation, in a controlled process which is engineered to provide highly desirable results.  BOSS™ is the newest innovative technology offered by ITEM.

BOSS™ stimulates, optimizes and enhances the performance of key centers of the brain, integrating and synchronizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, through slow, rhythmic rotation based on ITEM’s optimal design specifications (slow rotation is necessary to achieve brain synchronization). The benefits include relaxation, stress reduction, improved hand-eye coordination and reflex response, increased concentration, deepened meditative and sleep states, and brain hemispheric synchronization.  Please use this link for more detail on the scientific principles involved.

As a system, BOSS™ consists of:

(1) Precision engineered, durable and quiet, motorized centrifuge table. This highly customized, rotating massage table is manufactured in the US exclusively for ITEM, based upon its proprietary BOSS™ methodology, by an FDA-approved manufacturer of Class 1 medical devices. The rotational table and its parts are covered by a one-year warrantee directly from the manufacturer. This special BOSS™ table, with its polished, high-tech, world class hospital quality appearance, is equipped with the following features:

  • A Heavy-Duty, Quiet, Variable Speed Motor, which drives the horizontal rotation.  The motor specifications are: 1140 RPM, 1/3 HP, 3-phase, 230 V, 1.6 A.  Either 110/120 V or 220/240 V power may be used (specify when you place your order).
  • Automatic Shutoff Switch and Lever, that will turn off the motor and gradually slow rotation to a stop if you need to end the session before the programmed cycle is finished.
  • Control Panel, allowing users to control and monitor the direction and precise speed of rotation. Features a built-in preset countdown timer, to set a specific time period of motion therapy experience, with automatic shut-off.  The panel allows for programming the speed (0.5 to 7.5 RPM), direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) and duration (up to 60 minutes) of rotation.  Different rotation sequences have various effects, and ITEM’s BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual provides guidelines for maximum benefits.
    Control Panel
  • Electromagnetic Shielding is provided to enhance the beneficial effects of the physics which operate during the motion therapy sessions. All working mechanisms are safely enclosed within an acrylic, thermoplastic base, which insulates and shields from magnetic interference from the rotation motors. This material is also highly durable, and easy to clean.
  • Ultra-Durable and Comfortable Surface, consisting of 2.5-inch (6.5 cm) Memory Foam padding, for optimal comfort, and exceptionally durable, low-maintenance Herculite™ vinyl upholstery. The materials of both the foam padding and vinyl covering also serve as insulators and shields against possible unwanted magnetic interference from the mechanisms.  The mattress base material is 0.75-inch plywood and is 40 inches (101 cm) wide and 75 inches (191 cm) long.  The mattress is extra wide for added safety.  The standard BOSS™ mattress is flat, but for extra comfort ITEM offers contour mattresses, both fixed and adjustable (see photograph below).
  • Head Cut-Out, for use as a massage or chiropractic table.  When patients lie on their backs, the cut-out piece can be inserted to produce a uniform, flat surface.
  • Removable Desktop Attachment (optional), 24″ wide x 12″ long, which is specifically designed for using a laptop and electroencephalogram (EEG) equipment during rotation.  Simply program the equipment, place it on the desktop, and connect the wires to the user’s scalp and it will rotate along with the user.  It can be easily removed if recording brain waves is not desired at any time.

These clinical quality features make the BOSS™ system and its component equipment suitable for purchase and use in professional medical offices. Practitioners can use the table for their own licensed activities, as well as for the non-medical supplemental therapies provided by the BOSS™ system.  This system is also ideal for home and office use as well!  Use this link to view a short clip of the table in motion.


(2) Detailed “Practitioner’s Manual”. ITEM’s extensive research, documented with EEG charts, has established a clear and effective methodology for proper use of the BOSS™ table. The exclusive Practitioner’s Manual, provided with every table, has many educational and practical contents of great value and benefit to all BOSS™ users and practitioners:

  • The complete body of neurological and electrofield science, including applicable physics and ITEM’s proprietary precise methodology for effective use, is identified, explained, and explored in great detail.
  • Features simple and practical instructions to maximize results of BOSS™ sessions for various therapeutic purposes.
  • Provides specialized technical information for using BOSS™ for scientific research purposes.
  • Includes extensive scientific research reports, and the original EEG charts from those experiments, which establish the effectiveness and various applications of BOSS™.
  • Provides recommended ways to measure brain synchronization before and after BOSS™ sessions, and suggests approaches for managing client consultations.

What Benefits Does BOSS Provide?

BOSS™ stimulates and enhances the performance of key centers of the brain, in a process which promotes integration and synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. This process also induces the release of beta-endorphin neurotransmitters, promoting a calm, relaxed but alert state, increasing health and psychological well-being, and enhancing overall mental performance.  The concept underlying BOSS™ is far more complex than “taking a ride on a table.”  BOSS™ induces optimization and synchronization of the brain, and the significant benefits resulting from this condition, through a controlled mechanism and procedure unlike any other system or program available.

During rotation on the BOSS™ table, a person benefits from 5 separate principles of physics that are in operation during a session. These mechanisms of physics, all rooted in classical, fundamental sciences, operate independently and separately, each contributing its own beneficial effects, and also operate simultaneously and collectively in combination, for unique overall results. The 5 key principles and mechanics of physics which BOSS™ is engineered to activate and apply during therapeutic sessions are (see animated graphic on the scientific details page for an example):

  • Centripetal Counter-Gravitational Force Physics
  • Centripetal Peizoelectric Force Physics
  • Peizoelectric Bio-Cellular Charge Physics
  • Polar Magnetic Pulse Physics
  • Electromagnetic Field Induction Physics

ITEM’s proprietary methodology for the BOSS™ sessions is engineered to simultaneously maximize all 5 principles of physics to achieve extraordinary results. The resulting effects from each session usually last for several hours to several days, and after periodic and repeated sessions beneficial results become increasingly long-term, lasting even several months.  For additional scientific information about BOSS™, Please use this link.

Who Can Benefit from BOSS?

Physicians, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists – Health care professionals can use BOSS™ as a supplemental form of therapeutics for a wide variety of situations. It’s induced deep relaxation and electromagnetic psycho-neurological effects help provide short-term pain relief, long-term improvements in sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. It is also a powerful tool to enhance the effects of any other alternative or supplemental therapies which health care professionals may want to offer to their patients.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists – BOSS™ has proven to be highly effective in promptly reducing anxiety, relieving stress, and reducing cravings and additions. The usefulness of BOSS™ in synchronizing and balancing activity between the left and right hemispheres of the brain makes it a unique supplemental alternative therapy for such difficult chronic conditions as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Using BOSS™ at the beginning of your regular sessions can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of your own therapies, making patients more consciously attentive, and subconsciously receptive, to your therapeutic sessions, and better able to process information during your professional procedures.

Massage and Bioenergy Therapists – Massage therapists, acupuncture and bioenergy practitioners use the existing electrical currents and electromagnetic fields in and immediately surrounding the body, to activate strategic energy centers and bioenergy mechanisms, to promote health, relaxation and well being of the mind and body. BOSS™ increases the electrical charge along the spinal column, naturally inducing an increased charge in the cerebrospinal fluid, which is then transmitted or radiated throughout the body. As a result, BOSS™ prepares your clients’ bioenergetic structures to be more receptive to your procedures, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of your therapies, and dramatically improving overall results.

Science Hobbyists – BOSS™ is an ideal high-tech device for everybody who loves to explore classic and bioenergetic sciences, and for all enthusiasts of self-development and improvement of their own capabilities. BOSS™ is a wonderful system for home use for the whole family. In addition to its deep relaxation benefits, BOSS™ promotes accelerated learning and development, and increases the capacity for information acquisition and processing.

Executives and Professionals – BOSS™ is a reliable and effective tool for induced relaxation and stress-relief, and improvement of quality and regularity of sleep, including preventing and overcoming “jet lag”. It greatly enhances concentration, memory and mental processing of information, and improves your sense of physical well-being. Use BOSS™ as your “secret weapon” for dramatically increasing your overall professional performance and productivity, impressing your partners and clients, and even giving you more free time for social and family activities.

Martial Arts Competitors and Athletes – Regular use of BOSS™ greatly enhances overall balance, hand-eye coordination, and body movement coordination, and improves reflexes and controlled reactions. This is beneficial both to students of the martial arts who wish to optimize their learning capabilities and accelerate their progress in training, as well as instructors or masters who wish to maintain their best form and optimal abilities.  Also, using BOSS™ prior to athletic competitions can provide the increased focus critical for optimum performance.

Law Enforcement and Security Professionals – The brain optimization and synchronization effects of BOSS™ enhance mental calmness, emotional stability, intellectual sharpness and alertness, and more rapid information processing. Professionals in demanding or high-stress fields, who are subject to intensive mental and physical activity, will benefit enormously from the overall improvements in their mood, clarity of thought, perceptiveness, rapid responsiveness, and overall physical performance.

For more case studies and research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

How to Order BOSS

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ is a SPECIAL ORDER PACKAGE, sold under a License Agreement as part of ITEM’s research and development program.  The normal retail price of the complete BOSS™ package has been determined to be $4,995 US (plus shipping).  BOSS™ is subject to ITEM’s terms and conditions of sale. Payment plans and leasing options may be available to US residents – contact ITEM for more information.  Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.  International deliveries are made by plane to the nearest airport, and the customer must arrange for delivery from the airport.  US deliveries are made by freight carrier to your home or office.

Standard options for BOSS™ tables valued at $4,995 include the following:

  • Manual control panel (the user must manually adjust session speed, direction and time for each cycle).
  • Flat table mattress with comfortable memory foam and head cut-out (for chiropractic or massage therapy applications).
  • Emergency shut-off switch.

Flat Mattress with Head Cut-Out (Standard)

With your order you must specify your local power supply (110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz), the color desired for your table base (gray or beige), and the color desired for your table mattress.

BOSS™ Warranty and Technical Support Information

The manufacturer provides a one-year top to bottom warranty, covering the entire BOSS™ Table.  ITEM serves as the point of contact for technical support during and after the warranty period.  ITEM provides lifetime technical support and participation in a worldwide forum of BOSS™ research.  Complete details are provided in the BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual.

Legal Notice

“Brain Optimization and Synchronization System” and “BOSS” are protected Trademarks (TM) of Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM). All explanations, descriptions and illustrations on this page are protected by International Copyright Laws, © 2004 – 2015 ITEM.


BOSS™ is an experimental system.  This system and its component device are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body.

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