ITEM’s Terms and Conditions Sale

When you order products from ITEM, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. General

    1. If you order a product from ITEM and it is damaged in any way upon receipt, you must immediately contact ITEM by email or phone to make a claim.  You will receive a replacement product(s) or part(s) within one (domestic customers) or two (international customers) weeks of ITEM’s receipt of the damaged product(s) or part(s) and verification of the damage.  Damage to packaging that occurs during shipment but does not affect the function or performance of the product is not subject to this condition.
    2. If you are not completely satisfied with a product you ordered from ITEM and would like to pursue a return or refund, you must notify ITEM by email or phone to make a claim within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Claims made after the 30-day period are not eligible.  ITEM will provide a response within two business days of its receipt of your claim.  By placing an order with ITEM, you agree to not forego the notification requirement in the event that you are not completely satisfied, and you agree to not seek reimbursement or credit from your financial institution or credit card company without such notification to ITEM.  Although a refund or return is not generally available for items ordered as part of a research and development program (see product-specific conditions below), we will make all efforts to work with you to find an acceptable solution.  We recommend that you investigate ITEM’s website thoroughly before placing your order to minimize the potential for dissatisfaction.
  2. Conditions Applicable to Resonant Field Imaging™ and Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ (BOSS™)

    1. RFI™ and BOSS™ are NOT a commercial products, and ITEM is not a retail store. RFI™ and BOSS™ are components of a scientific research and development program, giving our researchers cutting-edge technology to develop this as well as their own technologies in cooperation with ITEM. All funds from this program are actively used for development of the technology based upon comments and suggestions from our researchers.
    2. All RFI™ and BOSS™systems are SPECIAL ORDER, and thus No Returns or Refunds can be applicable, except for unusual circumstances at the discretion of ITEM’s President.  An unusual circumstance may include the inability to install the RFI™ system software due to incompatibility problems determined following a request by the user for technical support.  This policy supersedes any conditions expressed elsewhere, and may be modified in the future to account for new technology that ITEM incorporates to protect its trade secret materials.
    3. Because of the extensive amount of information, full disclosure, and audio-visual demonstrations of the RFI™ and BOSS™ systems published on ITEM’s web site, our researchers receive a system which by definition meets all reasonable expectations based upon ITEM’s extensive published information.  Because of many past attempts at theft of the technology and criminal fraud by violation of the copyrights and the trade secret license agreement, ITEM does not consider nor evaluate any claims relating to its effectiveness, all of which contradict the scientific findings of ITEM and its honest researchers who have enjoyed great success with this technology for their own legitimate purposes.
    4. Accordingly, RFI™ and BOSS™ are NOT subject to returns or refunds (except for unusual circumstances at the discretion of ITEM’s President, in which a restocking fee will be applied), and All Requests for Returns or Refunds will be treated Only as Technical Support Requests.  RFI™ and BOSS™ users have an obligation by their License to allow ITEM to assist them with Technical Support, to ensure that they understand how to set up and effectively use the equipment, to achieve the same success that other RFI™ and BOSS™ users enjoy.
    5. While there are NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS allowed for these technologies, ITEM does permit users to re-sell their system to other individuals if they no longer require its use for their current purposes, or no longer wish to experiment with it. In such cases, ITEM will cancel the first license and re-issue a new license to the new user, based upon a written request from the original RFI™ or BOSS™ researcher.
  3. ITEM Publications, Including the Professional Development Series (PDS) in Energy Medicine

    Because of the extensive amount of information and full disclosure of the PDS and ITEM’s other texts published on ITEM’s web site, you receive information which by definition meets all reasonable expectations based upon ITEM’s extensive published materials.  Because of many past attempts at theft of the copyright materials contained in our programs and texts, ITEM DOES NOT OFFER RETURNS OR REFUNDS for the PDS and exclusive publications offered through our website.

  4. All Other Products

    Other products listed for sale through this website are offered through partnerships with other organizations or businesses.  Therefore, ITEM does not control the guarantees or warranties associated with such products.  If you are unsatisfied with any such product, then please contact ITEM immediately and we will put you in contact with the organization or business that is responsible for the development or manufacture of the product.

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