ITEM’s Customer Service and Technical Support

At ITEM, we take great pride in offering excellent customer service and technical support.  We offer a variety of ways for existing and potential customers to obtain the information they want.

Customer Service

If you are interested in any of ITEM’s products or services, we ask that you thoroughly review the information presented on our website, and if you have any questions after reviewing this material, either:

  1. Email your questions or requests for additional information to or  Either of these Email addresses can be used, and both are ultimately received by ITEM’s executive staff for a personalized response.  You will receive a response typically within one day.  We prefer that messages be sent to ITEM in English.
  2. Call ITEM’s Toll-Free US Phone and Fax Call Center, 1-888-304-ITEM (1-888-304-4836), or use the Instant Calling Feature at the bottom of all pages to have ITEM instantly call you.  Our Call Center has the capability of handling thousands of simultaneous calls, so you should never receive a busy signal.  Once in our Call Center, you can listen to customer service topics, send a fax to ITEM, receive information by fax on ITEM’s products, services and payment options, leave a message or ordering information for ITEM, or wait on the line while the Call Center performs a global search for a live representative.  While waiting for the Call Center to connect you to a live representative, you have the option to leave a message at any time by pressing the pound (#) button.  ITEM’s representatives are staffed in the US and in Russia, and will answer in English.  Phone charges may apply to those who call outside the US.  It is also noted that certain countries may not have use of the 888 extension yet; if you have any difficulty making the call, please send ITEM an Email.

Technical Support

At ITEM, free lifetime technical support is offered for all of our products.  If you ever require technical assistance, please Email or call us .  We will respond to your Email or voice mail messages typically within one day of receipt.  If you have the Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) Aura & Brain Imaging System, Brain Optimization & Synchronization System™ (BOSS™), or any of the Nevoton® magnet therapy products, or are considering enrollment in the Professional Development Series (PDS) in Energy Medicine, we also encourage you to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents for these products and programs.


BOSS™ FAQ (coming soon)

Nevoton® FAQ


If you are currently a Licensed RFI™ Investigator, you may want to check the RFI™ Update website for updates to the software and technical manual, accessories, and advertising materials.  If you have lost or forgotten your user name or password, please Email us.  If you are interested in receiving in-person training for your RFI™ system, please refer to the training schedule offered by DayBreak Wellness, Inc.

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