RFI Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions you may have about RFI™ will be answered in this section.  If you have questions after reviewing this material, please Contact Us.  This site is separated into:  General Questions About RFI™ and Technical Questions About RFI™.

General Questions About RFI

How Do You Use RFI?

Using RFI™ is simple.  First, scan the environment you are in with the digital frequency counter’s filter to ensure there are no high-strength signals that would interfere with the measurement of subtle energy fields.  Then place the frequency counter’s antenna in the area that you wish to measure (typically an area near a physical body or object but can be done in ambient air as well).  After approximately 10 seconds of frequency integration, press the Hold button on the counter to lock in the predominant frequency in that area.  Enter this frequency into the RFI™ software at the location in the program that corresponds to the physical location you measured, and watch your data change into a color.  Continue this procedure until all areas you wish to measure are complete, and then select an interpretation template to view and print an interpretation of the image you created.  See Section 3.0 of the RFI™ Technical Manual for detailed instructions.


What Type of Computer and Operating System is Needed?

Any desktop or laptop computer with Windows 98 or higher or Mac OS X or higher can be used for the RFI™ Version 3.2 software.  The software is compatible with Windows 7 and 10.  We recommend that you have a processor speed of at least 500 MHz, 128 MB of RAM, and 30 MB of hard drive space.  Also needed is a CD-ROM drive and a color printer.


What Languages are Available for RFI™ Software and Materials?

The RFI™ Version 3.2 software is available in English and Spanish.  Other languages can be easily added to the software at any time.  The RFI™ Technical Manual is available in English and Spanish at this time.


What Kind of Technical Support Does ITEM Offer for RFI™?

ITEM provides free lifetime technical support for all RFI™ users.  Questions that are emailed to ITEM are answered within 24 hours.  RFI™ users can also call ITEM’s toll-free number (1-888-304-ITEM) with questions.  Priority Support is available to RFI™ users for a fee of $100, which is optional.  Priority Support provides users with up to 3 hours of guaranteed, personalized phone support with an RFI™ expert at ITEM.


Is Training Available for RFI™?

ITEM and its partners have offered training in the past, but have learned that the actual measurement process is simple enough that users can follow the instructions and diagrams in the Technical Manual to learn how to use the system.  The RFI™ Technical Manual also provides step-by-step instructions on how to use the software.  The primary need for assistance may be in the customization of the RFI™ generated interpretation reports.  An example “personalized” RFI™ interpretation report is discussed in depth in the Technical Manual.  RFI™ users may also submit aura or brain image files to ITEM by email for help in customizing the interpretation, but of course users are always in the best position to use professional judgment and intuitive abilities in personalizing RFI™ interpretation reports.  In the future, we plan to offer a brief video to assist users.  The 27-minute RFI™ Video that we do have is geared more toward the benefits and applications of RFI™ rather than how to actually conduct RFI™ sessions.


Once I Order RFI™, Is Anything Else Needed Now or in the Future?

Everything that you will need to conduct RFI™ bioenergy field measurement and analysis is included in the RFI™ package, which includes the 290-page RFI™ Technical Manual (located on the software CD), the RFI™ digital frequency counter, the RFI™ Version 3.2 Software for Windows and Mac, a 100% cotton lab coat, and other materials such as reference charts for quick lookup of color-frequency associations.  If you are conducting discrete measurements of materials or live cell cultures, for example, you may wish to obtain a pair of 100% cotton gloves to ensure that the frequency counter does not detected bioenergy from your hands (not included).  Accessories and upgrades to your RFI™ system are available from the password-protected RFI™ Investigators’ website.


What Are the Terms of the Warranty for RFI™?

There is only one piece of equipment to use with RFI™ – the digital frequency counter, plus the software program.           If problems do arise, there are some options.           Basically, if your equipment is damaged in transit, we can get reimbursed through the shipping service and send you a new one once you send back the damaged counter. Each digital counter that we ship out must pass our Quality Assurance tests to ensure they are not malfunctioning or defective at the time of shipment. If it “malfunctions” or gets damaged at any time during your use, we suggest you first email ITEM and describe the nature of the problem. If the counter is under the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, we will likely request that you ship the counter to ITEM for repair or replacement.           If a problem is identified beyond the warranty period, email ITEM and we will decide the best way to service your counter. If the counter cannot be fixed, then we can give you the “wholesale” discount on a replacement counter. This “Expressed Limited Warranty” only applies if the equipment malfunctions or is defective through no fault of your own.           “Wear and tear” is not included in this “Warranty.”

Can Two People Use RFI™ Under One License?

We have allowed, for example, a husband and wife “team” to be on one license, although it is not something we do regularly.           It could be considered based on someone’s circumstances.           However, only one person can be specified on the “Certificate of Licensure,” so one person is going to have to agree to be the primary Licensee.  In the case of a corporation or university who purchases the system, one person will need to be appointed the Licensee.


Do You Have a Packet of Information About the RFI™ System?

Our promotional materials for the RFI system are basically a summary of the information that we have on our website. We have included an unusual amount of information on this site specifically to reduce the number of mailings we do. What we generally ask of people who may be interested is that they review this website, develop additional questions you may have and send them to Central@item-bioenergy.com or call our Technical Support line at 1-888-304-ITEM.  We will provide a detailed response on any questions you may have.


What Is Your Return Policy?

The RFI™ system is a Special Order package.  RFI™ is not a “product” and ITEM is not a retail store.  As such, RFI™ is not refundable except for unusual circumstances at the discretion of ITEM’s President.  Please read ITEM’s Terms and Conditions of Sale for additional information.


Can I Use RFI™ to Measure the Energies of Animals and Plants?

RFI™ allows you to measure electromagnetic fields of anything, whether living or non-living, as it is portable and easy to use anywhere.  You can take a digital picture of your pet, for example, and upload it into the RFI™ Version 3.2 software.  Then, using the Custom Template Wizard, you can specify the locations where you would like to take measurements.  Then, after taking all measurements, you can print the resulting image and even interpret the image using one of ITEM’s four interpretation systems (Psychological, Health, Brain Waves, or Herbal/Botanical).


Does ITEM Offer Payment Plans?

There have been instances where someone does not have the available credit to purchase RFI™ or some of ITEM’s other offerings. In these cases, we would consider payment by “post-dated checks,” in which the payment is spread out over no more than 3 consecutive months. We may accept a payment structure where ITEM charges your credit card for a fixed amount over a certain number of months until the balance is charged, and then we will ship your package. For complete information on ITEM’s payment options, please click here.


How Does ITEM Ship RFI™ Packages, and How Much Will Taxes and Customs Fees Cost?

ITEM ships exclusively through the US Postal Service.  RFI™ can be shipped in a few different ways to foreign countries, but the quickest and most reliable is Global Express Mail, so we recommend this method.  The quickest method for US customers is Express Mail, but Priority Mail is cheaper and nearly as fast.  International customers may need to pay taxes and/or customs fees.  We do not know what these fees are, because each country has its own rates.


How Can I Earn Income with RFI™?

If you order one RFI™ system, you are automatically considered by ITEM to be a “Basic RFI™ Coordinator”, which allows you to earn $100 referral commissions for anyone who orders from ITEM and specifies that you introduced RFI™ to them.  If you order two RFI™ systems (a discount of 30% is automatically applied), you are considered an “Advanced RFI™ Coordinator”, which means that in addition to $100 referral commissions, you can also order additional RFI™ systems with significant discounts.  In addition to these income generating options, many users report that they recovered their initial investment in a single weekend of conducting RFI™ measurements at health fairs or conferences.

Technical Questions About RFI™

Why Is This Method of Analysis Called “Resonant Field Imaging”?

The process is known as “Resonant Field Imaging” simply because the program is based on calculating the frequency of color in the visible light spectrum that is in resonance with the actual frequency detected during Aura readings.

How Can You Use RFI™ to Monitor Ambient Energies in a Room?

Reading aura colors of a room is exactly like interpreting colors around a human body for the Emotional Level (Psychological Level).           For example, if there is a large zone of blue energy in a particular corner of a room, that area is or has been an area of excellent communication; if there is an orange zone, this means that the area is a center of healing energy, and so on.           The Point/Object Analysis feature of the software was developed for this purpose. Also, the Custom Template Wizard in the software allows you to take a picture of anything and specify where you would like to take RFI™ measurements.

What Frequencies Does the RFI™ System Monitor?

Bioenergy mechanics involves intricate theories of electrophysics, specifically torsion field physics. While examining dynamic torsion fields are not cost effective for the average consumer, fortunately bioenergies produce residual electromagnetic (EM) wave frequencies in the MHz range (among others), with typically smaller wavelengths than radio and TV waves.           RFI™ measures these EM frequencies, which through trade secret formulas are converted to colors in the visible spectrum, allowing RFI™ to create full-body Aura and Brain images and energy field images of anything.

How Would I Determine the Shape and Contour of the Aura Using RFI™?

RFI™ will not give you any indication on the shape of Auras, beyond the general knowledge that the Health Level exists from 0 to 4 inches from the body and the Psychological Level exists from 4 to 18 inches.           To determine shape and contour, we recommend that you use Biofield Viewer.           Yet be aware of one key point – in theory there are no boundaries or restrictions on the Aura.           All EM waves travel infinitely in theory. The Aura is really only those continuously emitted EM waves in the local area around the body.           Have you ever heard the esoteric principle that “all things are connected and are One?” The Auras of all things do interact and connect.           In the truest metaphysical sense, there is no shape or contour to the Aura, but in a practical sense, shape and contour can be determined – relatively speaking – based on finding the boundary of a certain field strength level; this can be done by using a field strength meter and with the help of Biofield Viewer.


Do Magnetic Fields Affect RFI™ Readings?

Electromagnetic waves consist of both electric and magnetic components.           When we talk of localized electric or magnetic fields, we are talking about a single element of a dual component field.           Magnetic waves or fields, in themselves, will not affect RFI™ readings, although the magnetic component of EM waves or fields may affect the Aura of the person you are measuring.           If the magnetic waves or fields are coupled with electric fields, as is the case for localized EM fields, the strength of the electric field – along with the frequency of the EM waves within the field – are the most important considerations in whether the frequency counter will detect the EM waves. So, the magnetic field component of EM waves or fields does not directly influence RFI™ measurements. However, with localized EM fields in general, the stronger the magnetic field component, the stronger the electric field component, so the result is that you should be able to detect EM waves or fields that have strong magnetic components associated with them.           If, on the other hand, the EM waves are not localized but instead originate from a source some distance away, the magnetic and electric field components may be “decoupled” from each other; in this case, a strong magnetic field will have a weak electric field associated with it, and you may not be able to detect the field with the frequency counter. The interested reader should refer to advanced texts on electromagnetism for additional information.

Would Sources of High-Strength EM Waves Like Radio Frequencies Affect the Functioning of the RFI™ Antenna?

Complete details on this topic can be found in Section 5.0 of the RFI™ Technical Manual. Interference can be found in one of two ways: 1) by using the filter built into the frequency counter and observing non-zero frequency readings, and 2) observing a response in the signal strength bar graph.           We recommend turning off electrical appliances and devices during readings (although such waves will not generally interfere with readings). Computer emissions will also not generally interfere with measurements.           If such interference is found, then you should check to see if any high-energy devices are operating (e.g., microwaves, cellular telephones, etc.) and turn them off.           If you cannot identify and eliminate the source of interference, you may need to relocate to an area where the filter and signal strength bar graph does not detect interference, or in some cases may want to construct a simple shield or an antenna filter.           If you continue to experience problems, ITEM staff is available for assistance. Most Investigators never have problems in this regard.

Some of the Books I Have Read Suggest There May Be a Link in the Degree of a Person’s Spirituality and the MHz They Emit.           Does ITEM Agree?

Generally speaking, we agree with the books on this topic. But we don’t discuss this idea too deeply in our materials because we don’t have enough scientific proof of this theory. For example, we have noticed that the higher the frequency for some colors like green, the higher the degree of, for example, love.           But for other colors, like purple, the lower the frequencies the more “tranquil” or “at peace” the person is, or so it seems from our preliminary data.           As we try to explain in our materials, we don’t have all the answers and we encourage RFI™ users to give us feedback so that we can evaluate the information in light of our findings and update our materials accordingly. If you do find out anything interesting, your sharing of that information would be invaluable to us.

I’m an Acupuncturist and I Would Like to Know if RFI™ Is Able to Detect the “Color” of Acupuncture Points and if Anybody Had Any Success of Changing Their Color

The RFI™ system comes with a frequency counter and an antenna that connects to the counter by a “BNC” connector.           You can simply purchase a BNC adapter at a local electronics store, and connect a wire from the BNC adapter that is then attached to either electrodes or short probes (like for electronics diagnostics). In our own preliminary research, we were excited to find that both the electrodes and the probes, when directly touching the specific acupressure or meridian points, accurately conveyed the bioenergy signal to the frequency counter. The result was that the RFI™ system accurately identified specific bioenergy colors. Our experiments with RFI™ also revealed immediate changes in the color of bioenergy in the accupressure points after applying certain therapy techniques.

Is RFI™ Able to Detect the Quantity and Quality of the Energy Field?

The RFI™ system definitely detects the “quality” of the energy field by revealing the objective optical spectrum color of the bioenergy field vibrations, and translating those numbers into specific Psychological and Health interpretations. The RFI™ system does not detect “quantity”, because the quantity of a bioenergy field is measured by its voltage or electric field strength. RFI™ uses a frequency counter, which has circuitry different from an ambient field strength meter. We hope that soon we can bring our RFI™ users a dual measurement system that can simultaneously detect frequency and electric field strength, but first we need to conduct more research into what the various field strength levels indicate in the context of frequency and color.   In the meantime, ITEM offers a field strength meter that you can use to quantify energy fields.

I Am Using a Special Chart Classifying the 365 Acupuncture Points by Color. This Chart Is from Research by Two Physicists Who Use a Pendulum to Detect the Energy Field. These Colors Come from a 12-Color Wheel Which Separate the 360 Degrees.           They Were Found on an Acupunture Chart and are Supposed to Represent the “Healthy-Normal” Vibration.           How Does RFI™ Correlate to This?

There are many systems and conceptions of metaphysical analysis of Chakras and acupuncture points that rely on reference colors to judge whether the condition of a person is “healthy.” Most of these conceptions are based upon experiential explorations of many people’s bioenergy fields, and trying to identify which colors are commonly found in “healthy” subjects.

It is very important to note, however, that reference colors cannot be technically sufficient as a basis for evaluating the “health” of an individual person’s condition. Both physical and psychological health is essentially a function of a person’s adaptation to their environment. If a person lives in an aggressive environment, for example, a bioenergy field showing “openness” of channels (i.e., high receptivity to and interaction with other people’s bioenergies) would be “unhealthy,” whereas if the person lived in a loving and supportive environment, that same bioenergy configuration would be “healthy.”

Therefore, instead of using color reference charts with “default” colors considered to indicate “health,” ITEM focuses on the objective technical evaluation of the “function” of each bioenergy color.           In other words, we don’t try to judge whether each color is “good” or “bad,” but simply use an objective identification of what that color bioenergy does, as a function. Then, using that technical information, we can determine whether it is healthy or not in the context of a comprehensive holistic analysis for each individual person.

This is the principle behind ITEM’s RFI™ system, in which a computer program uses our years of research to identify the colors, and automatically generate reports analyzing the colors in the context of both the Health and Psychological Levels of the Aura. This is an important issue for all scientists to think about when attempting to interpret their findings of bioenergy colors in any specific parts of the body or bioenergy field.

What Kind of Measurements Are Possible With RFI™ in the Field of Materials?           I Understood That the Signal One Can Obtain from Materials is in Relation with Valence Electrons. Is This True?

It is absolutely true that physical matter (i.e., material objects) can contain great amounts of information, retained in the patterns and motions of its valence electrons. The practice of well-trained psychics “reading” such energy patterns to get that information is traditionally known as “psychometry.”

RFI™ was specifically engineered to allow us to read as much of this information from material objects as possible, but without having to rely on human skill or ability. Surprisingly, the information that RFI™ provided for various objects during initial experiments confirmed the “readings” of psychics using psychometry on the same objects, even exceeding the information that psychics could give, both in scope and detail. The electrofield analysis provided by the RFI™ system allows us to detect and record specific information about the history of an object, revealing 3 different perspectives: (1) the environment where the object was located or stored, and the predominant metaphysical and mental energies which describe the purpose or function of the place or environment where the object was found, (2) the psychological profile of a previous owner of the object, and (3) the inherent bioenergy properties of the object itself, such as whether it can heal, or what effect it may have on human health or psychology.

Because of the outstanding results that RFI™ consistently gave us with objects during our initial exploratory research, we have come to rely on it as a solid and scientific tool in archeological explorations, as well as on-site evaluations of homes and houses to analyze paranormal phenomena.           RFI™ has also proven to be an outstanding tool for herbalism, objectively identifying both the healing properties and more metaphysical (emotional/psychological) effects of herbs.

What are Your Suggestions for Using RFI™ to Monitor Health Conditions?

Here are steps you can take to monitor health conditions over time using the bioenergy principles of RFI™. Remember, RFI™ is not a substitute for medical advice and diagnosis, just a supplemental analysis tool (ITEM makes no medical claims whatsoever).

If you are analyzing an individual with a known medical condition:

  • Place the antenna in the Health Aura (within 4 inches of the body) at the approximate location where the health problem exists. For example, if the subject has a known condition of the liver, place the antenna (specifically the black node of the antenna) near the right side of the lower abdomen (stomach).               Make sure you avoid the Chakra points directly down the centerline of the front of the body if you are measuring internal organs near the front of the body. Measure the frequency of this area, and record this number and its corresponding color for future analysis in the software program. This is your baseline measurement. RFI™ will indicate that there may be a health problem if the color of the electrofield at this region is red or possibly gray/black; if it is not these colors, then physiological processes are likely occurring that are currently healing the affected area.
  • After the subject receives treatment, take another frequency measurement of the affected area.               You should look for two things when you take measurements after a baseline measurement: 1) If the consecutive readings are higher than the previous measurements, the affected area may be improving in health, and 2) If the color of the region changes from red or orange to other colors, the area may be improving in health.               For example: a physician diagnoses a man to have heart disease. You take a baseline frequency measurement at the heart of 120 MHz, corresponding to the color Orange.               The man undergoes surgery, and when he has recuperated you take another measurement, and this time it is 145 MHz, corresponding to the color Green. This measurement is significant because the frequency has increased, which may indicate improved health in this area.               Also, the color has changed to Green, which indicates that there may be increased circulation in that area.

If you are analyzing an individual with an unknown medical condition or monitoring for general health:

  • Make a scan of the entire Health Aura and record the frequency measurements and colors. Use the same procedure as with monitoring a known condition over time.               For example, if you see decreases in frequencies over several consecutive readings (over at least a few weeks) at a particular health region, the subject may be experiencing illness in that area. Also, a potential warning sign is if you identify red or possibly gray/black in any part of the Health Aura.               If you do identify red or gray/black, wait at least another day to take another measurement at that region.               If it still this color, then you may want to suggest that the subject seek medical advice, regardless if there are any symptoms.               Since RFI™ works on bioenergy principles, it may be able to detect potential health problems even before they become symptoms.


I’ve Been Practicing Psychometry and Need a More Detailed Description of the Colors and Meaning Emanating from the Object Under Study.           Do You Have a More Detailed Explanation in This Particular Area?

The practice of psychometry involves “sympathetic vibration” – that is, the establishment of an energy “channel” or bridge between the object’s frequencies and the brain’s frequencies.           In other words, your brain is generally trained to “step down” its frequencies so that it can come into resonance with the object’s frequencies. A good description of how to do this is explained in ITEM’s Professional Development Series in Energy Medicine. Trained psychometrists can, through sympathetic vibration, discern the origin and significant events in the history of the object, for each person who comes into contact with it leaves a residual energy imprint which people with this specialized training can read. This is a skill that must be developed – like visualizing the Aura field. However, RFI™ can be of some use to psychometrists – by determining the predominant frequencies surrounding the object, and entering that frequency into the Point/Object Analysis feature of the software (using the Psychological Level), you can observe the predominant energies imprinted on the object.           For example, if the object’s field is “Red,” the psychometrist would get a basic idea that this object was highly desired for its materialistic value or the owner was materialistic.

The Background Noise in Our House Fluctuates Around 40-50 MHz, and Our Aura Frequencies are in the Same General Range.           The Aura Values do Appear to Deviate Systematically from the Background Noise Values. Why Do Some People Have Relatively Low Values Like Us and Others Have Much Higher Values (in the Hundreds of MHz)?

Fundamentally, the ambient bioenergies in your environment (natural background radiation) can play a major role in the frequencies expressed in your own Aura. If the ambient bioenergies are in the 300 – 400 MHz range, for example, your bioenergies can typically be in this range or slightly higher. There is indeed a question about the cause and effect basis for ambient bioenergies – on the one hand, if you and your house companions have strong energy fields (i.e., if you are strong-willed by nature, charismatic, lots of energy, etc.), you can affect the surrounding ambient bioenergies of your home.           On the other hand if you are depressed, have low self-esteem, etc., you are more receptive to influences from your environment and ambient bioenergies can affect your bioenergy field.           There are other considerations as well: 1) if you are very receptive to energy fields in your environment, you may find that your bioenergy field will change from one environment from another (for example your Crown Chakra may be 60 MHz at home and 200 MHz at work); 2) the presence or absence of other bioenergies, such as plants, can increase frequencies in a room – also, the positioning of the plants and even inanimate objects like furniture can change the frequency patterns of the room; 3) there is a possibility that the bioenergies of your hands project outward so far that the antenna will actually pick up on it. In other words, you may be reading your own outer level Aura frequencies when you are attempting to measure the ambient air of your home.           A good way to test this is to put on 100% cotton gloves, wait for several minutes for the cotton to begin absorbing the bioenergy field of your hands, then collect your measurements.           If frequencies seem to be different than before, you could conclude that previously you were accidentally measuring your own energy field. Also, remember to “clear” the antenna frequently when taking measurements.


Do You Offer an Attachment to the RFI™ Frequency Counter That Would Let Us Hook It Up Directly to the Computer?

ITEM has successfully developed a prototype RFI™ frequency counter that connects directly to a desktop or laptop computer through a USB cable, providing real-time measurements that update automatically in the software as you take measurements.  This product, however, is not available at this time, as we are seeking a new manufacturer – if you are interested, you can place your name on a “wait list” for ITEM to contact when a manufacturer has been selected (email ITEM to be placed on the wait list).


I Have Measured Frequencies of 80 to 110 MHz in Most Rooms of My Home, But I Have Discovered One Very Small Area Where the Frequency Jumps to 650 to 750 MHz. What Does This Mean?  

It could mean a lot of different things. For example, when we have conducted paranormal investigations, we have noticed a significant “jump” in ambient frequencies when we encountered a theoretical “portal” for metaphysical entities to enter or exit our “plane” or “dimension.”           Also, if you are familiar with pyramid and geometric energies, you know that there is a “focal point” of extreme high energy in relation to surrounding areas – perhaps something in the room is acting as an energy generator for this purpose.           There are unlimited possibilities, and we can help you with the interpretations of what you find, but ultimately you will learn to assess these situations and come to your own conclusions through experience (as we have). Remember, fundamentally, every number that you read on the counter is a “right” number. If the numbers “jump” frequently, this just means that there are oscillations of high “dynamic” or “unstable” energy, and that several EM waves are overlapping in the same space.


I am Interested in the Ultraviolet Range of Frequencies in the Aura; How Does RFI Provide This Type of Monitoring?

You can buy equipment that will allow you to read wavelengths at the visible to ultraviolet (UV) range, but these are expensive and not practical unless you have a big budget. If you are interested in obtaining equivalent UV readings from the RFI™ frequency counter, all you need to do is extrapolate the RFI™ readings up to this range through principles of harmonics and, theoretically, you would get valid UV spectra results.


Is There an Ideal Position for the Client to Be in for Taking Readings – Standing, Sitting, or Lying Down?

We do not recommend that the subject lie down during measurements, because the emphasis for data collection is the front and sides of the body; when lying down, it is more difficult to position the antenna properly to obtain data from the sides of the body than when the subject is standing upright or sitting on a bench seat.           You should always keep the antenna positioned perpendicular to the body and parallel to the ground, with the “clip” of the antenna at the approximate mid-point of the region of interest.           Changing the orientation of the antenna from perpendicular to the body to parallel will definitely introduce a greater area of the Aura for the antenna to interact with, and thus influence your frequency measurements.


Is There Some Database of Readings You Have That I Could Refer to for Comparison So I Can Get Some Kind of Idea About What You or Other People Have Found?

We have been tracking the research of our global network of RFI™ Investigators for several years. The results are not generally stored in an electronic database, but rather as “case files.” If you are interested in a particular line of research, we can put you in touch with other researchers around the world with similar interests.


How Can I Use RFI™ for Researching Samples of Blood?

You can place samples of blood in a small petri dish (like one would use for culturing bacteria or cells), making sure of course that there is no interference in the area (using the filter and signal strength bar graph as a check). You may even want to consider placing the sample under some kind of glass or metal shielding device (as long as you leave space for the antenna to enter), as this will further help to reflect some extraneous frequencies in the room. Use the shortest antenna length.           Place the petri dish containing the samples on a clean flat surface, and place the tip of the antenna as close as you can to the sample without touching it, holding the counter and antenna parallel to the flat surface. People should stand at least 6 feet away from the sample as you take the measurement, to ensure that the antenna does not pick up on their fields. We would also recommend the use of 100% cotton gloves to help absorb some of the energies radiating from your hand.           Using the third gate speed setting, hold the tip of the antenna next to the sample for about 15 seconds or so to see if the readings “equillibrate” or stabilize.           If the readings seem to jump frequently, this is a possible indicator of a “healthy” blood sample, as the blood is radiating a lot of information. If the readings do not stabilize, then press the Hold button after the third reading and use this frequency for input directly into the “Point/Object Analysis” function of the software (Health Level Analysis) to examine the interpretation.           Make sure you record the frequency, for comparison with other samples. In general, it is fair to say that higher frequencies usually indicate a “healthier” sample because there is a higher rate of energyinformation exchange between the sample and the environment (i.e., blood cells and fluids exchanging oxygen and nutrients at a faster rate). This procedure can be used for other biological samples as well.

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RFI™ Disclaimer

RFI™ is an experimental process that is continuously under investigation by ITEM.  ITEM uses its own research and the research of RFI™ Investigators to evaluate, improve and modify the process.  The RFI™ system and its components are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body. RFI™ is strictly an “analysis tool” that may be used to identify psychological and physiological energy-information.           This information can then be used in various ways depending on the training and experience of the investigator or practitioner.

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