RFI™ Tutorial

Presented below are the basic steps for generating a full image of the Human Energy Field and the accompanying Interpretation Report. To view the complete set of instructions, please see Chapter 3.0 of ITEM’s RFI™ Technical Manual. In addition, you can also request to download a trial version of the RFI™ Version 3.2 software by emailing ITEM (this version does not have full functionality but is provided for a general overview of how the software works).

  • First, put on your 100% Cotton Lab Coat to help reduce the interaction of your own energy field with the fields you are attempting to measure. You may also want to wear 100% cotton gloves (only recommended if you are an “energy healer”).
  • Turn on the RFI™ digital frequency counter with the Mode switch set to Filter/Capture. The counter should register nothing but “zeroes”. If the counter reads anything other than zero, then there is a strong signal in the environment that will likely interfere with your ability to take accurate measurements of energy fields. Attempt to eliminate the source of the strong signal (e.g., turn off cell phones or other equipment) or otherwise find a new environment for your session.
  • Ask your subject to take off any heavy articles of clothing, especially those made of cotton (e.g., jackets, sweaters, etc.). Your subject can be standing or sitting upright on a table or bench for the session.
  • Open the RFI™ software on your computer or laptop. Choose one of the standard templates: body outline or three-dimensional representations of a male and female. (You can also elect to load a custom template of your own creation). Type in your name and the name of your subject in the “Subject Tab” of the software.
  • The first region to measure in the RFI™ software standard template is the Health Level, lower left leg (between knee and ankle). Position the antenna of the frequency counter parallel to the ground, with the center of the antenna pointing perpendicularly to the subject, about 2 inches from the person. Move the Mode switch to Normal Mode, and press the Gate button twice to slow the display of frequencies. After the third displayed frequency, move the Mode switch back to Filter/Capture to lock in the value. Then, either write down that frequency on the supplied “Aura Analysis Chart”, type the value directly into the software, or ask an assistant to enter the value into the software. Press the enter key of the software, and the value is converted into one of 15 colors.
  • Continue measuring the Health Level of the energy field (16 additional regions) up the left side of the body, over the head and down the right side of the body, using the same approach. Or you may opt to measure the Psychological Level (12 inches from the body) after you measure the Health Level at the same body location. The Psychological Level is located further away from the body than the Health Level at the same location (2 inches for Health, 12 inches for Psychological), except for the hands. For the hands, the palms are used to measure the Psychological information while the upper part of the hands are measured for the Health Level. At any region that is of particular interest (e.g., if the subject reports pain or past trauma for example), you may wish to place a comment in that region for historical reference, especially if you plan to do follow up investigations with the subject. You can also report overall conditions of the session.
  • Measure six Chakra points up the central part of the body by placing the antenna approximately 12 inches from the body with the antenna pointed to the left of the subject. (You can choose to turn off any of the three levels associated with a standard body template, Psychological, Health and Chakras). The Crown Chakra has already been measured through measurement of the Psychological Level at the top of the head.
  • Once you have completed your Aura Image, you may wish to print out the Image or view and print the Brain Image, which is generated automatically from the Aura Image through principles of neurology and electrophysiology. You can also elect to save the images as graphic files for use in other documents.
  • With one click you can instantly generate an Interpretation Report for your Aura or Brain Image. There is one interpretation template for the Brain and two interpretation templates for the Aura – Basic and Advanced. The Advanced Interpretation template includes ITEM’s latest research into the meaning behind colors and frequencies, and generates Mental/Emotional Health, Physical Health and Energy Field Stability “Scores”. The reports are generated in .html format, which can be saved for future reference. You do not need to save the reports, however, as long as you save the RFI™ session that you completed.

There are additional procedures for those who wish to create custom image and interpretation templates, as well as other information that is beyond the scope of this site, but are described in detail in the RFI™ Technical Manual.

RFI™ is an experimental process that is continuously under investigation by ITEM. ITEM uses its own research and the research of RFI™ Investigators to evaluate, improve and modify the process. The RFI™ system and its components are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body. RFI™ is strictly an “analysis tool” that may be used to identify psychological and physiological energy-information. This information can then be used in various ways depending on the training and experience of the investigator or practitioner.

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