Professional Development Series

ITEM offers a 3-Step Professional Development Series (PDS) designed to develop your understanding and skills in the bioenergy sciences and energy medicine.  The PDS is administered by the Institute of Technical Energy Medicine, Inc., ITEM’s parent company, entirely through guided correspondence study, and therefore your presence in a classroom is not necessary.   Each step can be completed in one to three months, depending on student motivation.   However, there are no time requirements and you may take as long as you need to complete a step.  At the successful completion of Step 3, you will receive ITEM’s International Certification as an Energy Medicine Analyst, which is recognized in the US and abroad, and is one of the few certifications available in the field of energy medicine.

Your new status as a Certified Energy Medicine Analyst (CEMA) can be printed on your business cards, advertising materials, and resume to bring you new business and advance your career.

Who Can Benefit from ITEM’s PDS?

The PDS is designed to fulfill the needs of the following groups of people:

  • Clinical professionals who have academic degrees in any field of medicine or psychology. Medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and others can use International Certification to expand their practice, attract new patients, substantially improve their success rates, and establish themselves in a legally documented specialty.
  • Inventors and professional engineers who want to obtain a legally documented specialty for expanding their career, or developing their business, in the industry of medical devices and biofeedback.
  • Metaphysical Healers, Counselors, and Parapsychology Investigators who wish to become internationally recognized and legally documented experts in the mechanics of consciousness and bioenergy interactions, and scientific classifications and quantifications of subtle energy. Metaphysical practitioners will also learn how to express themselves in a scientific and credible manner, to effectively interact with academic and medical professionals, and demonstrate professionalism to prospective clients of their services.
  • Spiritual Seekers seeking personal fulfillment and intellectual stimulation, who wish to gain a deep and meaningful understanding of the nature of the universe and the mechanics of consciousness, from an objective and well-grounded perspective.

Three-Step Program

There are Three Steps to ITEM’s PDS and becoming a Certified Energy Medicine Analyst (CEMA).  You may choose to enroll in these Steps sequentially (one at a time), or you can enroll in all three Steps at once.   Enrollment information is presented at the end of this page.

Step 1

Step 1 is ITEM’s Textbook, “Energyinformatic Science: An Empirical Investigation of the Mechanics of Consciousness.”  The Textbook provides an exhaustive overview of the fundamentals of bioenergy physics and energy medicine, with a strong emphasis on specific and tangible ways to use this science in practice.  The Textbook contains detailed explanations of how these principles are firmly rooted in undisputed doctrines of classical fundamental science.  It includes never before published mathematical formulas and numerical technical data, which give the materials both practical and even commercial usefulness.  The Textbook is approximately 250 pages and represents 90 course hours of material.

Use the link below to view the Table of Contents for the Textbook.   (Note: you will need Acrobat Reader to view the Table of Contents.  If you don’t have it, click here to download it for free).

Step 1 is administered through email correspondence and, if necessary, assistance by telephone.  This means that no classroom attendance is necessary.  Once you enroll in ITEM’s Professional Development Series, a professor will be assigned to assist and guide you throughout your studies.  Your professor is always available to answer any questions you may have.   ITEM also offers web-based quizzes to help gauge your own progress with learning the materials.  Once you have studied the textbook and you and your professor feel that you have mastered the concepts, you can proceed to Step 2.

Step 2

Step 2 is the Transcripts of Lectures and Class Discussions from ITEM’s 10 week certification class held in Moscow, Russia, titled “Lectures in Energyinformatic Science: A Two-Month Program in Energy Medicine.”  The Transcripts provide a sense of actually being there, with stimulating dialogue between ITEM’s professor and students that is a valuable part of any learning experience.  The Transcripts use the fundamentals of Step 1 as a springboard to advanced discussions on the practical and technical applications of bioenergy sciences in the laboratory, in the health practice, at home, in the workplace, and during interpersonal interactions, and include useful diagrams and illustrations to demonstrate concepts.   The Transcripts are truly one of a kind; you will not find anything more useful or stimulating anywhere else.  The Transcripts are approximately 465 pages, and represent 90 course hours.

Use the link below to view the first Lecture included in Step 2.

Step 3

After completing the Textbook (Step 1) and the Transcripts (Step 2), you can proceed to Step 3 (final step).  You have two options for completing Step 3:

Option 1 –   You can elect to take ITEM’s Written Examination.  The Exam consists of two essay questions.  You should complete the exam and send your answers to your professor through email.  ITEM will grade your Exam and give you a Personal Written Evaluation.  If you pass the Exam (a score of 70% or above), you will be awarded the International Certification, making you a Certified Energy Medicine Analyst (CEMA).  If you do not pass the Exam on your first attempt, you will be given one additional attempt to pass the Exam at no cost.  A charge will apply if you require more than 2 attempts to pass the Exam.

Use the link below to view an Exam that we have used in the past and may use again.  (Don’t worry – it may look difficult now, but you will be prepared to answer these questions quickly and accurately with the knowledge you have gained in Steps 1 and 2!).

ITEM also offers quizzes for the PDS on our website to aid in the learning of PDS materials – use this link to try the PDS quizzes.

Option 2 – Alternatively, for those individuals who enjoy performing experimentation, you can elect to conduct an original experiment using ITEM’s Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) system and submit a minimum 5-page summary report on the results.  If this option is chosen, you must first pass a short written “quiz” to ensure that you understand principles of energy medicine in Steps 1 and 2.  Once you pass this quiz, you must then submit a research proposal to ITEM for review.  Upon acceptance of the proposal, you may proceed to conduct your RFI™ experiment.  ITEM will grant your International Certification once your summary report is approved by our staff.  Click here to view examples of original RFI™ experiments conducted to successfully complete the requirements of Step 3.

Please note that your professor is available to assist you if English is not your first language or you are not proficient in written English.  The PDS textbooks are also available in Spanish.  You may take as long as you need to complete the Professional Development Series, as there are no time requirements.

The Legal Effect of ITEM’s Certification

In the United States, the term “certification” refers both to a formal declaration of a person’s knowledge by any organization, and also describes the official completion of an educational program which is certified by a state’s Department of Education as a “state certified training center.”  The fact is, most states in the US refuse to even consider certifying any training program that is involved with any form of bioenergy or collaborative health science.  Furthermore, even state approved certifications can not be a basis for obtaining any license nor any other legal rights.  Certifications, therefore, function only to help the consumers (your clients) choose qualified alternative practitioners in otherwise unregulated fields of practice.  As a result, the only legal effect of a “certification” in the US is a formal documentation of a person’s level of training and expertise in a specialized field.

ITEM’s certifications have real value and practical use, because they are backed by our multi-national corporation, and strengthened by internationally recognized university science from our world famous Russian contract partners.  Because of ITEM’s international presence, legal advocacy, and solid reputation in the international scientific community, your certification as an Energy Medicine Analyst will be recognized and respected around the world.

“Energy Medicine” and “Bioenergyinformatic Science” are internationally recognized fields of university science in Russia, the CIS, and Europe. “Transpersonal Therapy” is a recognized field of health psychology in the US and Europe.  Therefore, your International Certification from ITEM, and supporting National Certification from the NATP, are legitimate legal documentation which will establish you as a specialist in this unique and recognized area of professional practice.

ITEM’s Educational Materials

The materials for the Professional Development Series are based on the most competitive international university science in the fields of energyinformatics, energy-matter interactions, and bioenergy physics.  These advanced sciences and related technology were developed during more than 50 years at the prestigious Moscow State Technical University at Bauman (the “MIT” of Russia), and the Russian Center for Research of Traditional Medicine (ENIOM), which has more than 25 polyclinics all over Russia, and another 8 clinics in the CIS and Europe.

The ITEM’s research has been peer reviewed by interdisciplinary specialists, and developed in cooperation with the International Association of Human Ecology and Energyinformatic Science (Russia) and its affiliated laboratories.

While our materials have the depth and detail to satisfy the experienced professional, they also educate complete beginners to become serious professionals.  This certification program puts special emphasis on real world applications, and gives you concrete mathematical formulas, numerical and technical data, so you can use our science in the laboratory, developing your inventions, or in your therapy, psychology or medical practice.  You will also learn the concepts, techniques, data, and tools for hands-on research, measurement and analysis of psi energies and bioenergies.

The Professional Development Series curriculum includes the following topics:

  • How energy-information is received and transmitted by the brain.
  • The mechanics of mental influence upon remote systems.
  • How to perform energy-information exchange such as telepathy, channeling, and other extrasensory perception (ESP).
  • Technical considerations of inducing and measuring altered states of consciousness.
  • Electromagnetic and neurological conceptions of memory, visualization and hypnosis.
  • Empirical proof that the mind is separate from the body.
  • A ground-breaking derivative of the Einstein equation which explains exactly how ambient electrofield energy (such as brain waves) can exert force over physical matter.
  • The true role of Quantum Physics in energy medicine.
  • The application of these discoveries to spirituality, mental health, and medical science is also explored.


What Distinguishes ITEM’s PDS from Other Programs

There are many certification and degree programs that teach “alternative,” “traditional,” or “holistic” healing methods, placing emphasis on the practice of various healing arts.  The primary disadvantage of this “method” approach is that the students are deprived of comprehensive technical and objective knowledge which is necessary to fully understand why and how each method works, or why some methods may not work.  As a result, the student is left to rely on faith in the methods, supported only by personal experience, anecdotal history, and patient testimonials.

ITEM places a strong emphasis on teaching principles of fundamental science which reveal and explain the mechanics and complex realities of various phenomena and methods.  Our students learn to analyze conditions, events and interactions in mental, physical and biological systems, with special focus on chains of cause and effect.

Our primary goal is not to produce “folk healers,” but to create a class of highly trained specialists with far-reaching critical and analytical skills.  By teaching this “objective” approach, we can produce experts who can use independent professional judgment to evaluate which healing methods are effective, and make well founded recommendations on how both traditional practices and new technologies can be improved.

There are many “certification” workshops, bookstores, and membership organizations where you can learn different philosophies and traditions of healing and metaphysics.  ITEM is the only place where you can gain the technical and medical knowledge to fully and deeply explore, understand, and explain all of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About ITEM’s PDS

The PDS appears to be a distance learning program where it is not necessary to appear in a classroom. Is this correct or is there a requirement to attend live classes?

This is correct – the PDS is a distance learning and certification program in which no classroom attendance is needed.  Step 2 of the PDS is a transcript of actual classroom lectures given by ITEM – we provide you these transcripts so that classroom attendance is not necessary.

I do not have a college degree.  Can I enroll in the PDS?

Yes.  There are no educational requirements to enroll in the PDS.  ITEM’s program is not intended to be the equivalent of graduate or post-graduate study.  We recognized early on that in order to advance the field of energy medicine, it must have broad appeal and not be restricted to certain groups of people.  Therefore, our only prerequisite is that you are interested in challenging yourself and growing intellectually and spiritually.  The program content is explained sufficiently for the “novice”, and yet the discussions, examples and calculations will also appeal to those with doctorate degrees.

What can I do with my certification once I “graduate”?

There are numerous avenues available once ITEM’s certification is earned. Remember, you also earn certification in Transpersonal Therapy from a US certifying organization once you complete the PDS.  This dual certification is highly attractive to many prospective employers in the energy medicine and alternative health fields.  If you are not currently practicing alternative health or energy medicine, you could quickly start up your own practice on the basis of these certifications (you should ensure that advertising of your services conforms to the regulations in effect within your jurisdiction).  If you are looking to work with a clinic or practice following certification, upon request ITEM will help you locate those that may be able to use your services.  In some areas, ITEM’s certification may qualify you to provide consulting services and expert analysis and advice to clinics, hospitals and doctors.

It is my understanding that the term “medicine” is a legally protected term in the US to be used only by those who are licensed professionals.  Will graduates of your program be exposed to potential liability?

It is possible that advertising yourself with the term “medicine” without having a medical license could cause local authorities to conclude that a person’s alternative health practices “claim” to be medical in nature. The title “Energy Medicine Analyst”, however, uses the full term “Energy Medicine”, thereby distinguishing from medical practice, as “energy medicine” is a separate field by itself.  There are national organizations in the US and abroad that issue certifications using the term “medical” or “medicine”, such as “Medical Hypnotherapist”, and no problems have been reported.  If you have concerns with the title of ITEM’s certification, perhaps because of very advanced practices of your own which could appear too close to medicine, ITEM is flexible, and would be happy to issue certification as a “Certified Bioenergy Analyst”, if you request it upon completion of all requirements.

Does the PDS qualify for Continuing Education (CE) credits?

It is possible that the PDS could qualify for CE credits, but this is largely dependent on the professional licensing board in your jurisdiction.  In usual practice, the licensing boards publish specific criteria which the licensed professionals can use in determining whether a proposed course meets the board’s criteria for earning credits. It is the responsibility of the professionals to apply to the board for approval of a new course, and it is their responsibility to show that such course meets the published criteria.  Based on experience, the PDS may qualify for CE credits in the fields of psychology, chiropractice, and possibly nursing and medicine.

If your question is not answered here, please contact ITEM.

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