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Reporter Gets First-Hand Look at Energy Medicine

Leader Newspaper, Cushing, WI, USA

CUSHING — It was with both anticipation and anxiety that I entered the Health and Wellness Center of Cushing, home of Country Herbalist Gloria Roohr-Hyzer, last week to gather information for a story on a healing method she has added to her holistic health care.

Anticipation because I was very interested in learning more about the equipment and techniques she has been trained in and how they combine to assist overall health.  Anxiety because I wasn’t just going to observe Gloria at work, but was actually going to be the subject of her work. I don’t like being on the other side of the camera.  Gloria is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Holistic, a tradition dating back beyond ancient Greek times which recognizes that healing can occur naturally in the human body if it is given what it truly needs.

She had offered to give me a demonstration of bioenergetic sensory healing, a three-part technique that, according to Gloria and the literature she provided, brings about improved physical, emotional and spiritual health. The demonstration session would include Chi energy stimulation, far infrared, and electroreflexology.  In order to determine and quantify any changes in my overall health due to the bio-energy session, she would do live blood cell analysis and Resonant Field Imaging™ using a digital frequency counter device before and after the three-part routine.

If you are anything like me, you are thinking, “What in the world does any of that mean?” Here’s a little explanation.

When Gloria called, she said that she has been trained in the use of far infrared, the safe, healing, nonburning part of the sunlight. Far infrared stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation, and is therefore known for its healing qualities.  That made sense to me.  She said that Chi energy is basically the energy that exists in each person, created by the atoms in our body that are always moving. It represents the whole of who we are — body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Her process stimulates Chi energy through a vigorous massaging machine that is placed under the ankles while the subject is lying on his or her back. Stimulating the Chi is an ancient means to a healthier mind and body, and this is a quicker, more modern way to accomplish the results of the ancient ways.

Stimulation increases oxygen flow through the body, resulting in a sense of rejuvenation and well-being. In addition, the oxygenated blood is more able to remove wastes from the body, and the affect of the massaging action on the nervous system can address a number of health issues.  Electroreflexology utilizes a type of foot massager that sends electromagnetic pulses along invisible electrical wiring, called meridian, that extend up through the body. Like blood veins, meridian pathways travel throughout the entire body. Rather than moving fluid, they deal with energy.  The frequencies pulsed through the meridians help to balance anything not in sync with the body -while opening the energy flow. It has been used to reduce edema and inflammation, and reduce or eliminate pain.  The process releases serotonin, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy and serene.

Resonant Field Imaging™ is an electromagnetic feedback and imaging process that gives detailed scientific information and objective interpretations for the bioenergy fields of the body. It identifies the type and function of all bioenergies present in specific regions of the brain. Comparing the readings from before and after the session indicates changes and movement in Chi energy.  Frequency measurements are taken at 40 different points around the body and the results are entered into a computer program that analyzes and interprets the results in reference to the emotional and physical condition of the subject.  Using a hand-held digital frequency counter, Gloria takes 17 readings around the arms and head, and the outside of my legs, within four inches of the body. She takes another series of 17 readings at the same points, but between four and eight inches away from the body.  Finally, she takes six readings along the spine but from the front, at points traditionally known as Chakras.

Chakras, in Gloria’s literature, are defined as energy channels that are directly related to the endocrine system, which controls the glands such as the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary. Each Chakra is also said to represent a corresponding area of the subject’s life, like spirituality, physical and emotional healing, level of calmness or nervousness, and self-identity.  Gloria’s explanations helped, but I still felt pretty much in the dark.  She told me it was something I’d have to experience, and she was right.

As we started the actual session, Gloria explained each step in the process and answered my questions, putting me at ease.  The first thing she did was take a drop of blood from my finger. She put it on a slide under a microscope, explaining that she would take another sample after the session to see what changes were visible in my blood. The drop of blood offers educational information on present health such as circulation.  I’m a pretty healthy person, so I wasn’t too concerned that the tests would show anything scary. I also know, however, that I don’t always eat as well as I should, or drink enough water, get enough rest, exercise, and so on.  The microscope was cabled to a television set, and my blood was right there on TV, being videotaped. We compared what we saw with diagrams of “the ideal blood” as well as diagrams of 44 “blood conditions” that are not ideal and that correspond to nutritional health.

According to the diagrams, my first sample indicated I have blood sludge. Wow. The red cells were all clumped together rather than floating independently, which can be due to long-term stress, toxicity, or food intake like coffee and probably chocolate. The platelets were also aggregated, basically because of the same reasons.  Clumpy blood cannot flow freely through the arteries and veins as well, Gloria explained, and may offer clues as to why I often have cold hands and feet and am tired.

Gloria then donned a white lab coat for the Resonant Field Imaging™ part of the demonstration, noting that without the coat her own energy readings could interfere with mine. She systematically took the readings while Denise, a holistic specialist in mind and body relaxation from Somerset and one of three observers, wrote them down.  As Gloria entered the readings into the computer, I relaxed under the far infrared domes.

Like I mentioned, far infrared rays are explained as the healing part of the sun’s light rays. I felt like I was basking on the beach, without worrying about clouds or skin cancer.  A slow, calming warmth started to seep into my bones, and I thought it might be nice to stay there a few days.  Meanwhile, Gloria had also put the Chi machine under my ankles, and my feet and legs were receiving a wonderful, invigorating massage. It kind of felt like the side-to-side vibrations were helping to realign my entire body, yet I also felt like I could have easily slept through it all.  When the machine stopped — I had agreed to the shortened version of the session — I took a deep breath and felt a tingling from my feet to my head. This, said Denise, was the movement of energy through my body.

The next step, literally, was to put my feet on the electroreflexology machine, which sends pulses of alternating electrical frequency up through the body.  I held the controls and could determine the intensity of the pulses, which felt like a combination of pressure and low-level electrical shocks. It felt good on my feet, which often tend to hurt, plus I knew it was helping my body. Two modes — detoxification and healing — were used.

As my feet, and then my back, were being pulsed, Gloria reviewed the results of my Resonant Field Imaging™ — the measurements of my energy fields.  In color diagrams and in written explanations, the health of my physical body and my emotional state were laid out in front of me. Connections — both positive and negative — were unmistakable, in areas that I had not discussed with Gloria.  Without getting too personal, I’ve been dealing with two particular health issues for years. Both showed up on the Resonant Field Imaging™ results, as well as the emotional struggles that have accompanied one of the issues.  The results also indicated some things about my personality that I was already aware of, like the fact that I’m somewhat of an approval-seeker in some ways.

Gloria then did the post-session tests. We looked at another drop of my blood and found the individual cells swimming around as happy as can be. Because the individual cells were visible, we could view other possible nutritional health connections such as indications of possible elevated cholesterol — which mine is.  After seeing the changes in my blood following the session, I was anxious to see what types of changes would be evident on the Resonant Field Imaging™. The frequencies measured after the session, when printed out in color and with an explanation, definitely showed increased healthiness in my blood flow and attitude.  The frequency feedback also showed that my mind was going like crazy, I suppose because I was trying to absorb and make sense of all the information I was getting.  And it all showed, like I wanted to believe, that I’m basically a healthy, well-balanced person.  Gloria and the others were excited because, through concrete and measurable means, evidence on paper was confirming some of the holistic concepts of health and well-being they believe to be true.

And I felt great.

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