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ITEM offers several ways that you can order and pay for your products:

  • Use Western Union or another online payment service provider.  Online payments should be directed to

  • Execute a direct wire transfer of funds from your account to ITEM's.  To determine the total amount of your order, please contact ITEM for an invoice.  A bank processing fee will apply.  Request that your bank transfer the appropriate funds in US dollars for credit to ITEM's account.  ITEM's account details are available upon request.

  • Call ITEM at (717) 571-8467 and either: 1) Talk to a live representative and specify the products you would like to order and your credit card information, or 2) Leave a message on ITEM's voice mail service (if a live representative is not available), specifying the desired products, your mailing address, telephone number, email address, preferred shipping method, and credit card information.  ITEM will compute the total price of your products, including shipping & handling costs for the preferred method of shipment you specify, and email or telephone you to confirm the order prior to completing the transaction (except in those cases where ITEM's representative is able to provide this information for you over the phone).  Please be sure to indicate your email address and telephone number so we can contact you.

  • Mail your order along with a money order, personal check, business check or international bank draft to ITEM's US office at: ITEM, Order Processing Department, 2017 Braeburn Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, USA.  Click here to access the Mail Order Form.  Be sure to include your email address, telephone number, mailing address, and preferred method of shipment (Priority, Express, etc.).


ITEM ships exclusively through the US Postal Service unless you notify us otherwise.  We generally make two to three trips to the post office per week.  Please allow up to three business days for ITEM to process and package your order for shipment (however, in most cases ITEM can fulfill your order in one to two days).

If you would like ITEM to ship your products using a courier other than the US Postal Service (e.g., DHL, FedEx, etc.), you must notify ITEM before placing your order so we can calculate the total cost of the order.

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