Resonant Field Imaging™ Aura and Brain Imaging System

Your RFI System Includes:

1.  The 287-page comprehensive technical manual Resonant Field Imaging: Technician’s Manual for Scientific and Clinical Applications, which contains detailed instructions on how to use your Resonant Field Imaging™ system to produce full color images and interpretations of energy fields of humans, animals, plants and practically anything.  The complete manual is available in electronic form on the software CD, and the hard copy version can be ordered for an extra fee.  ITEM has made the Technical Manual available on-line for those who wish to review it (PDF format).

2.  The custom-engineered RFI™ Version 3.2 Software for Windows and Mac, which includes:3.1software

  • Full Human Body Aura Imaging, which prints full color images and detailed interpretations of the Psychological Level, Health Level, and Chakras of your clients. Click here to view a sample RFI™ Aura & Brain Image Interpretation Report.
  • Brain Mapping, with full-color images of the brain based on principles of neurophysiology, and detailed interpretations of right brain bioenergies, left brain bioenergies, and integrated brain bioenergies.
  • Filing System, which allows you to save and retrieve client data files.  This gives you the freedom to reprint a client’s images and interpretations at a later time, and the ability to scientifically document clinical studies of the effectiveness of experimental therapies or medical treatments.
  • Point / Object Analysis, which allows you to identify the color associated with any energy field or any single point within the human bioenergy field, and provides interpretations for Psychological, Health, Herbal/Botanical and Brain Waves.
  • Customized Template Creation, which allows you to import your own pictures (including pictures of your clients), and specify where you would like to take your RFI™ measurements; the custom template can be printed, interpreted, and saved just like the standard human body template.
  • Automatic Generation of Interpretation Reports, consisting of basic and advanced frequency-color interpretation systems, including mental, physical and energy stability “scores”, depending on the level of detail you desire.  Custom interpretation systems can also be developed for your custom templates.

The RFI™ Software requires Windows 98 or higher or Mac OS X 10 or higher, 128 MB RAM, a 500 MHz processor, a CD-ROM drive, 30 Megabytes of hard drive space, and a color printer.

RFICounter3.  A hand-held RFI™ Digital Frequency Counter, produced by an independent manufacturer of standard scientific equipment.  We test and select various devices from different manufacturers, and select the one which is best suited to the RFI™ process, and which gives the best results with maximum flexibility and ease of use.  The supplied antenna has been calibrated for use with RFI™.

4.  100% White Cotton Lab Coat, which ITEM recommends that you wear during RFI™ sessions to reduce the influence your own Aura may have on your client’s Aura and your measurements.  The lab coats come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  Please keep in mind that cotton may shrink, so you may want to order a coat that is one size larger than what you may normally wear.  The following chart provides the sizes:

Size Chest Size (Inches) Length (Inches)
Small 46 37
Medium 49 38
Large 54 39
Extra Large 57 39

5.  Lifetime License to use this exclusive technology, and all copyrighted materials including the software program, interpretations, imaging charts, and the Technical Manual.  Your License is recognized through a Certificate prepared specifically for you.  This allows you to install the software on one desktop and laptop computer.

6.  Lifetime Technical Support.  We will gladly answer any questions to help you use RFI™ in your health care practice or scientific research laboratory.  We regularly process all questions from our Licensed Scientific Investigators, conduct further research to develop the best answers, and mail reports of the results and findings to ALL licensed users of RFI™.

7.  Access to the RFI™ Investigators’ Password-Protected Website, which provides upgrades to the software, updates to the Technical Manual, and other free materials.

You have the option to include the following accessories with your RFI™ system: a second Digital Frequency Counter, Priority Technical Support for 1 Year (includes up to 3 hours of phone support), the Professional Development Series in Energy Medicine, Lab Coat Size (free), and the language for your materials (English or Spanish).

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