FAQ about Nevoton® Products

Many of the questions you may have about Nevoton® Magnet Therapy Products will be answered in this section.  These are actual questions from customers ITEM has received.  If you have questions after reviewing this material, please Contact Us.

What Is the Magnetic Strength of Nevoton® Products?

Nevoton® magnets have a strength of 8.4 to 12.0 milliTeslas, or about 100 Gauss. This is only 20% of the recommended maximum strength for magnet therapy according to the National Institutes of Health (US), and well below the strength of most commercial magnets on the market (which are sometimes as high as 10,000 Gauss). This is why ITEM stands by its claim that Nevoton® magnet therapy products are among the safest available anywhere.

How Long Should I Wear the Nevoton® Products?

Nevoton® products generally cause positive effects on the person’s bioenergy field within 10 to 60 minutes. If worn for 12 or more hours in a day, it is recommended to take a break for one or two hours during the day. After wearing Nevoton® products during 5-6 consecutive days, it is recommended to take a break for one day.  In general, it is recommended not to use the products constantly for a long period – the body and its bioenergy systems gets accustomed to its influence, and the beneficial effects of the devices are thus reduced.

Is It Safe to Wear Nevoton® Products for Extended Periods of Time?

From all of the information we are aware of, the Nevoton® products are very safe for extended use and have been designed for such – unlike many other magnet therapy devices, in which it may be unsafe to use for extended periods because they are strong and penetrate deep into cells and tissues and may cause side effects.  However, as discussed above, we suggest that you do not wear Nevoton® products continuously for long periods of time due to acclimation.

 What Is the Warranty Period on Nevoton® Products, and Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

The manufacturer, Nevoton® Company, provides a two-year warranty on its products from the date of manufacture, limited to problems relating to the manufacturing of the product itself. Wear and tear and product misuse are not included.           The date of manufacture is listed on the product packaging.           If you receive a product in which the date of manufacture was more than two years ago, you should not be concerned – as all Nevoton® magnet therapy products ordered through ITEM have a 30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee, subject to the return of the products in good condition.  The 30-day guarantee period begins on the date you receive the product(s).  If you wish to pursue a refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling fees), you must notify ITEM by email or phone within the 30-day guarantee period.

Nevoton® products are guaranteed to hold their “strength” for five years as long as they are not abused or struck against hard surfaces (which reduces the effectiveness of any magnet). However, with care you can expect Nevoton® products to remain effective for ten years or more.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Nevoton® Products?

The presence or absence of side effects depends on the individual. In our experience, there are usually no side effects at all.           Some people, however, can experience mild headaches or symptoms of a cold while their body adjusts to the subtle magnetic field. The prevalence of side effects with Nevoton® products is expected to be far less than other comparable magnet therapy products due to the fact that Nevoton® magnets are approximately 1% to 20% of the strength of other commercial magnet therapy products on the market.

What Types of People Should Not Wear Nevoton® Products?

People with heart conditions and pregnant women should not wear Nevoton® products as a precaution. Such individuals may be able to use them for accupressure for a short duration, but should not wear it around the neck (i.e., not near the heart or near the growing baby). If you are unsure about whether or not you should wear magnets, please consult your physician. We note that Nevoton® products are considered safer because of their low “Gauss rating” compared to other common magnet products on the market.

What Are the Design and Functional Differences Between the Nevoton® Products That ITEM Offers?

The Anti-FON™ is a modified Biocorrector™ electromagnet, with a shorter capsule, made of a gold-colored metal for a different magnetic induction effect, surrounded by a black frame that has other energy balancing effects in combination with the Biocorrector™ capsule in the center.  However, instead of the Biocorrector™ magnet, it uses the patented magnet from the Kryton™ Anti-Booster, which works better for specialized protection to electromagnetic fields.         The Anti-FON™ device was specifically designed to change the properties of electromagnetic emissions from cell phones and other telecommunication accessories in the radio frequency and microwave range by pulsing a magnetic field that, in turn, reduces the “strength” or “power density” of those waves to levels that theoretically the human body can withstand without known physiological effects.  How exactly it does this is a trade secret. The key is that Anti-FON™ should be worn for protection from “high-level” electromagnetic emissions, like a cell phone transmitting on the 900 MHz frequency band.

The Kryton™ Anti-Booster is a disk with a patented magnet inside, containing a quartz crystal which enhances the magnet, and the crystal powers a switching circuit which causes the Kryton™ to change polarity (positive/negative) as needed to balance energies. The Kryton™ device is similar to the Anti-FON™, but is more apt to protect you from “low-level” electromagnetic emissions, i.e., EM fields that are in the low radio frequency to extremely low frequency range (Hz range to low MHz). It also generates a pulsating magnetic field, but the field is better suited for changing the properties of low frequency radiation, like near PC’s, electrical devices and power lines.

The Biocorrector™ (available only by contacting ITEM) is a bipolar ferroceramic magnet that generates a subtle magnetic field capable of altering EM fields over a broad spectrum. However, it was not designed for a specific range of EM fields like the other two products, and so while it is excellent for all-purpose use, it may not be the best protection for all specific circumstances.

What Are the Patents Associated With the Biocorrector™ For?

The patents cover: (1) visual design – the shape and look of the magnets, (2) functional design – the use of acupressure needles and ball attachments, and how they screw into the polarized ends of the magnets, and (3) technology – the specialized type of magnet which is a unique blend of magnetic and ceramic material, to radiate strong and balanced healing energies which are similar to the earth’s natural energy field.

Why Are Nevoton® Products “Better” Than Other Magnets Available on the Market?

ITEM does not necessarily believe that the Nevoton® magnets themselves are superior to other commercial magnets; rather, we believe that Nevoton® products are safer, and in general more effective for long-term use.  Many magnet companies promote their products on the basis of strength (i.e., “our magnets are the strongest available”).  While these kinds of magnets often live up to their claims that they can reduce pain, the level of “penetration” into the body these magnets induce is, we believe, unnatural, and can ultimately be harmful.  Nevoton® magnets do penetrate the body to some degree, but much less than other magnets.  The primary mode for Nevoton® magnets’ beneficial effects is the subtle entrainment of the body’s electromagnetic field that is produced after a period of time.  This is, we believe, safer and more effective in the long-term for balancing and “correcting” (hence the name Biocorrector™) anomalies in a person’s energy system, which beneficially effects the physical body.  For more details on magnet therapy in general, please refer to ITEM’s Energy Medicine Information Center.

How Do the Nevoton® Products “Strengthen and Balance” the Person’s Energy Field?

The Nevoton® magnets add strength to the person’s own bioenergy field by simply inducing the bioenergy field to resonate at a frequency that is harmonic to the magnet’s fundamental frequency. As a result, the person’s own field becomes stonger than most outside influences around them, thus more resistant. The Nevoton® magnets deliver not only electromagnetism, but carry the energy-information of Earth’s natural energies, which are believed to be balancing. As a result, when the Nevoton® field comes into contact with outside harmful fields, it can be described as balancing, neutralizing, or “blocking” them. ITEM has generally verified these effects its Resonant Field Imaging™ system.

How Long Does It Take to See Results with Nevoton® Products, and How Can I Test the Effects with ITEM’s Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) System?

Every person responds in his or her own way to events, energies and therapies. Some people may not be affected by the Biocorrector™. We have found that most people are.  In terms of RFI™ analysis, we find that the Biocorrector™ tends to convert red regions in the health level to orange, indicative of healing. We also find many other changes that are beneficial, but there are no set rules for us to go by. Every person is different, and every person’s response to the Biocorrector™ can be expected to be different. Therefore, we would suggest that you experiment and document your findings.

How Is Magnet Therapy Good for Health, While Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Is Apparently Bad?

Low level magnetic fields provide a number of health benefits, including increased immune system activity and response. See our list of resources on magnet therapy for additional details. Low level electromagnetic fields are also known to provide the same kind of benefits. Electromagnetic fields are often manipulated by “energy healers” who claim to work with “subtle energy fields.”

Subtle magnetic and electromagnetic waves are, however, far different from the high-level magnetic (high Gauss) and electromagnetic (high frequency) waves that are sometimes present in our environment nowadays.  For example, ITEM has demonstrated through Resonant Field Imaging™ that a 900 MHz cellular telephone emits a dark red color when it is transmitting, and that this energy may effect the body detrimentally. The concept is one of magnitude – if your body naturally resonates an electromagnetic field of 200 MHz or a magnetic field of 0.2 Gauss, and then comes into contact with a source of energy of 900 MHz or 100 Gauss, the higher electromagnetic and magnetic waves may eventually cause your own body’s waves to come into resonance with the source (higher generally dominates lower frequencies). Many times, the higher levels are detrimental to the body.

Does ITEM or Nevoton® Company Have Testing Records to Demonstrate Effectiveness of the Products?

ITEM does not have such records, but Nevoton® Company does.  However, Nevoton® does not release their actual scientific testing, methodology and results because these would give away many of the trade secrets which went into the design and engineering processes. ITEM protects its own trade secrets in the exact same way. ITEM has conducted trials of the Nevoton® products using its own Resonant Field Imaging™ system, and the results indicate that for most people there are significant beneficial changes in the bioenergy field.  More detail can be provided upon request.

Do I Need to Be Careful in Placing or Wearing Nevoton® Products Near My Laptop Computer, Credit Cards, Music Tapes or Other Devices Sensitive to Magnetism?

We have found that Nevoton® products only cause problems if placed directly on top of or touching the magnetic strip of credit cards or directly on top of computer diskettes. Everything else should be perfectly safe.

Are the Products Unipolar or Bipolar?

The Nevoton® products are bipolar.  The active polarity is facing upward to transmit the electromagnetic fields.

Will the Magnets Affect or Be Affected by Other Magnets That I Might Be Wearing?

Magnets are crystalline structures with fixed output in general, and thus are not adversely effected by other magnets, and do not interfere with the output of other magnets. As for radiating EM fields interacting with each other, the physics indicates that the fields will not cancel each other out, nor cause harmful waves, but are most likely to create fields which will penetrate more regions of the body. There does not appear to be any conflict, and they may or may not enhance each other.

Do I Need to Take Off Nevoton® Products When I Use My Electromuscular Stimulation Device (Such as an Abdominal Muscle Toner)?

Magnets do interfere with EMS devices, if they are touching or are too close to the electrodes or the area in between the electrodes.           So if you wear the Nevoton® products on your neck so it hangs on your mid-torso, and use an abdomen-area stimulator (about 5 inches lower), there is no conflict.

The Biocorrector™ Manual Indicates That the Level of Magnetic Induction Persists for 5 Years – Does This Mean That After 5 Years Its Potency Starts Diminishing?

Statistically (from a fine electromechanical engineering perspective), the charge does start diminishing, but it may take a total of 10-15 years to lose sufficient charge where its benefits would be reduced.           Most common magnets used in popular magnet therapy devices are actually only 1-2 year magnets, but this is not generally disclosed.

The Biocorrector™ Manual Indicates That the Guaranteed Term of Operation is 24 Months from the Date of Manufacture – Does This Mean That A New Magnet Is Needed After Two Years?

This is a standard manufacturer’s warrantee on parts, materials and workmanship. The date of manufacture is stamped on the bottom of the Biocorrector™ packaging. Neither ITEM nor Nevoton® has ever had to replace one, nor been asked to by any consumers.           The Nevoton® engineers who developed and use them every day have told ITEM that the Biocorrectors work fully for 5-6 years, and adequately for another 4-5 years.

Can the Nevoton® Products Be Worn Inside of a Shirt or Blouse or Does It Need to Be Outside of It?

They can be worn inside a shirt or blouse, but technically it does not make any difference, as the EM field effortlessly penetrates clothing in any case.  So it is only a matter of personal preference.

If I Wear the Magnets as a Pendant, Does It Matter if I Wear It in Front or Back, Above or Below Heart Level?

It should not make a significant difference either way, because wearing the magnet as a pendant over a period of time has the overall effect of increasing the electrical field strength of your electromagnetic field (Aura), and this effect should occur regardless of where it is worn.  It also would not make a significant difference – as a pendant – if it hung below or above the heart (unless of course you had something like a pacemaker that could be sensitive to the subtle magnetic fields produced).

Nevoton® products are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and are not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body.  ITEM offers Nevoton® products for experimental use.  Although ITEM finds the products useful, we recommend that you evaluate objective research on magnet therapy to make an informed decision.

The Nevoton® Anti-FON™ is protected by RF Patents No. 2188, No. 2189, No. 4910, and No. 8894. Its core technology, as well as advancements of that technology, are additionally protected by the Trade Secret laws of the United States, the Russian Federation, and all applicable international treaties.

“Nevoton” is a registered trademark of Nevoton Scientific Production Company, OOO.  “Biocorrector” is a trademark of Nevoton® together with Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM).  All related descriptions and explanations are Copyright © 1999-2004 Nevoton® and ITEM.

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