Below is a brief overview of the scientific mechanisms involved in the operation of BOSS™.  Comprehensive details on the physics of how it works, methods for measuring and achieving results, and ITEM’s research are presented in the BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual that you receive upon ordering.

How Does BOSS Work?

The controlled, rhythmic centrifugal motion of the BOSS™ system induces increased peizoelectrical charge in the cerebrospinal fluid within the craniosacral canal. This increased charge is achieved as the result of electromagnetic induction physics which operate during the centrifugal motion process. During this process, the movement of ambient ions (present in any room) establishes charged electromagnetic fields of opposing polarity, generating the necessary electromagnetic charge. This charge is then transmitted in pulses to the mid-brain, which controls emotion, mood, information processing, and coordination of left-right brain functions.

The rhythmic 360-degree rotation while laying comfortably on the table generates a pleasant, comfortable centrifugal force, which causes ions within the person’s own bioenergy (electromagnetic) field to become aligned above the base of the spine.

When a person is moving counterclockwise (CCW) (in the same direction as the spin of the Earth), negative charges align at the top of the electromagnetic field (north pole), and positive charges align at the bottom of the field (south pole) near the base of the spine.

At threshold conditions, an electrical current is generated along the vertical axis (along the spinal column). Through magnetic induction, this current is drawn into the body at the base of the spine, increasing the electrolytic charge and motion of the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is then naturally pulsed to the brain, causing the highly desirable effects.


When a person is rotating clockwise (CW) (against the spin of the Earth), the opposite electromagnetic charges are arranged – a “south pole” is created at the top of the field, and a “north pole” at the bottom near the base of the spine. This causes a “de-gaussing” effect, removing excess charges related to over-stimulation in parts of the brain, and transferring those charges to the other side of the brain to activate under-stimulated brain regions in the other hemisphere.

brainhemisThrough an established method of strategic alternation of CW and CCW rotations, BOSS™ reliably and effectively achieves synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as enhanced integration of hemispheres, and improved functioning of mental processes.

Regardless of the direction of rotation, BOSS™ has highly beneficial general effects which make it desirable for a wide range of applications for different types of people.

The electromagnetic field and induction physics which operate during the rotation process cause balancing changes in the frontal lobe and pineal body regions of the brain. This causes deep relaxation, or induced meditation, which can adjust the person’s brain state to the levels desired for therapeutic purposes. By controlling the speed and duration of rotation, you can guide the person from Beta state, to the desired brain state, including Alpha and even deep-level Theta state. This makes BOSS™ a powerful system for induced, deep meditation using high-technology methods.

The horizontal centrifugal motion itself induces a partial, temporary “sensory deprivation,” causing the conscious mind to “tune out” sensations of the physical body, and focus on subconscious thoughts and mental or emotional processes.

The benefits of centrifugal motion in synchronizing the brain hemispheres, and optimizing mental alertness and coordination to enhance performance, are recognized as a reality in many martial art forms. Similarly, many advanced law enforcement special forces training programs incorporate various spinning and rolling exercises to accomplish some of these results.

Vertical spin and standing horizontal spin, however, is not as effective as reclining horizontal spin where the base of the spine is the rotational axis. This is because during vertical and standing rotations, the cerebrospinal fluid must overcome the downward force of gravity to reach the brain, and the speed and duration of rotation cannot be as precisely and reliably controlled. BOSS™ allows controlled, measured, reclining horizontal rotation, enabling the cerebrospinal fluid to easily and naturally flow to the brain, giving full maximum beneficial results.

Accordingly, BOSS™ is a valuable tool in enhancing overall balance, hand-eye coordination, and body movement coordination. It’s brain optimization and synchronization effects enhance mental calmness, emotional stability, intellectual sharpness and alertness, more rapid information processing, and improved reflexes and controlled reactions.

For more case studies and research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

How BOSS Compares to Other Products

There are only a few comparable products that ITEM is aware of.  One is a hand-made rotating table, constructed primarily out of wood. The table is reportedly “charged” with psychic energy, and is offered for over $18,000. This table performs the basic function of rotating, and is offered for subjects to basically “go for a ride” in connection with purely spiritual or metaphysical practices. However, the developer of this product does not have a controlled, scientific process with clearly defined goals and methods, and cannot offer an understanding of the physics and procedures which can accomplish those results.

The Symmetron (also called Neurowave) table may be effective although it works in a slightly different way – instead of horizontal rotation, Symmetron gently rocks the patient, providing a wave-like motion experience.  However, it is believed that BOSS™ may be more effective at stimulating cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) because the patient lies in a flat, horizontal position, and the CSF does not need to overcome the effects of gravity.

BOSS™ has the following essential factors that are necessary for reliable, professional results:

(1)  The system is based upon solid scientific research using modern technologies, and was developed in great technical detail using the latest high-tech devices and methods. ITEM shares this research with you, as part of the Practitioner’s Manual provided with every BOSS™ system. Accordingly, BOSS™ is specially engineered to achieve specific results, and is suitable for all professional purposes.

(2)  The Practitioner’s Manual comes with detailed instructions and methods which allow BOSS™ to be used for professional purposes. While written with accuracy and precision using correct technical terminology to satisfy doctors and scientists, it is also written with clear, understandable explanations and instructions for individuals who do not have a technical background, or who speak English only as a second language.

(3)  Since ITEM is an international corporation with solid business resources and capabilities, the rotational table provided with BOSS™ is manufactured by the leading manufacturer of motorized and adjustable medical tables, using the most durable, precise and high-quality parts and mechanisms.

(4)  The tables are custom manufactured exclusively for ITEM, to ITEM’s highly technical specifications, incorporating essential features such as stabilized, regulated, adjustable speed and direction of rotation, precision engineered motors which are designed to minimize any electromagnetic interference, and control mechanisms which are labeled in scientific units for accurate and meaningful record-keeping.

(5) The BOSS™ table is the only rotating table manufactured in compliance with FDA requirements by an FDA approved manufacturer of Class 1 medical devices. This allows licensed practitioners to use the BOSS™ table as conventional equipment for their licensed professional treatments, in addition to the supplementary non-medical therapies of the BOSS™ sessions.

For more case studies and research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

How to Order BOSS

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ is a SPECIAL ORDER PACKAGE, sold under a License Agreement as part of ITEM’s research and development program.  The normal retail price of the complete BOSS™ package has been determined to be $4,995 US (plus shipping).  BOSS™ is subject to ITEM’s terms and conditions of sale.  Payment plans and leasing options may be available to US residents – contact ITEM for more information.  Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.  International deliveries are made by plane to the nearest airport, and the customer must arrange for delivery from the airport.  US deliveries are made by freight carrier to your home or office.

Standard options for BOSS™ tables valued at $4,995 include the following:

  • Manual control panel (the user must manually adjust session speed, direction and time for each cycle).
  • Flat table mattress with comfortable memory foam and head cut-out (for chiropractic or massage therapy applications).
  • Emergency shut-off switch.

Flat Mattress with Head Cut-Out (Standard)

With your order you must specify your local power supply (110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz), the color desired for your table base (gray or beige), and the color desired for your table mattress.

BOSS™ Warranty and Technical Support Information

The manufacturer provides a one-year top to bottom warranty, covering the entire BOSS™ Table.  ITEM serves as the point of contact for technical support during and after the warranty period.  ITEM provides lifetime technical support and participation in a worldwide forum of BOSS™ research.  Complete details are provided in the BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual.

Legal Notice

“Brain Optimization and Synchronization System” and “BOSS” are protected Trademarks (TM) of Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM). All explanations, descriptions and illustrations on this page are protected by International Copyright Laws, © 2004 – 2015 ITEM.


BOSS™ is an experimental system.  This system and its component device are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body.

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