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Ang Lee Kaw, Taiping, Malaysia

I am extremely impressed with this fantastic technology.  My clients are reporting numerous benefits from the use of BOSS™.  I have been able to sign up several long-term clients based on the results.  Many people demonstrated brain synchronization after the first or second session, and have been able to maintain this state.  Some people have reported increased focus and concentration in performing intellectual tasks.

Dr. Edward Altman, DC, Florida, USA

I must tell you that I am really enjoying my BOSS™ table.  I tried it out for the first time recently and only spent 20 minutes on it, but afterwards I felt as if I had been meditating for five days!  I have many people eager to have their own sessions.

Christine A Bashaw, LMT, Florida, USA

I would like to inform you of the experiences I have had with your program. First off, I would like to thank you very much for having this equipment available. Here are some of the experiences I have had:  I have noticed that when I am on the table on a regular basis, I have less trouble sleeping and fewer headaches. I also feel a great sense of peace and feel so much more balance in my day to day life. I am also more aware of when I have missed time on the table. My body and mind call for it, even if it is just to take a step out of the daily stress. I have a tendency more often to fall asleep on the table. This has helped me relieve some of my grogginess from insomnia of which I have suffered for years. Again, I want to thank you so very much for all that I have experienced with this wonderful program.

Marilyn Moore, Pennsylvania, USA

I am still feeling the positive effects of BOSS™ therapy a week after my visit.  My friends and I cannot stop thinking about it!  BOSS™ definitely awakened areas of my brain that had been dormant for years…I feel great!

Below is an excerpt from the book Mega Brain Power by Michael Hutchinson.  This passage does not provide a direct testimonial of BOSS™ technology, but instead provides the opinion of a well-respected researcher on the effects horizontal motion has on the human brain.

Another technique for supercharging the brain is physical movement, particularly spinning. Research with laboratory animals kept motionless and humans who have been immobilized has provided dramatic evidence of the crucial importance of movement to human development and mental-physical well-being.         From the time of our conception, movement is an essential nutrient: without it, the brain does not develop fully.         As babies we are rocked; as kids we roll down hills and spin until we are dizzy; as adults we scuba dive, skydive, drive fast around turns, dance, and, when tired, sit in rocking chairs.         This movement is not only pleasurable, but it stimulates our body and nervous system. Like light and sound, motion is a nutrient for the brain and body, and if we consistently fall short of meeting our minimum daily requirement, we become susceptible to chronic health problems.

Unfortunately, today many people are suffering from motion deprivation.         They spend most of the day with heads held upright and become couch potatoes in the evenings. Compared to healthy children and our ancestors, who were free-roaming hunters and gatherers, spending much of their time in vigorous motion, today’s sedentary workers are virtually motionless, and rarely move enough to satisfy even the minimum daily requirement of motion.         One major effect of movement is that it stimulates the fluids of the inner ear, known as the vestibular system.         This stimulation sends a flood of electrical impulses into our cerebellum and from there into the rest of the brain, including the pleasure and learning centers of the limbic system.         This may explain the beneficial effects of motion has on learning and intelligence: motion directly stimulates learning.

EEG and other evidence has shown that the use of spinning has a profound optimizing effect on the neuro-efficiency quotient (NEQ), a measure of how rapidly electrical signals are transmitted by the brain’s neurons and pass from one part of the brain to another – a characteristic that has been shown to correlate very closely with IQ. Research at the University of California at Los Angeles, in fact, suggests that the NEQ is directly related to IQ. Some users of motion systems have shown increases in NEQ that are statistically equivalent to increases in IQ of an astonishing thirty points or more.

This kind of evidence suggests that the next time you have a test or material that requires peak mental performance, you might want to take a study break and spin around and around in your desk chair for a few minutes every half hour or so. Or get up and dance. Or, most effective of all, keep your brain in peak condition by providing enough motion to far surpass your minimum daily requirement.

Motion also affects the fluids that compose some 90 percent of our body, including cerebrospinal fluid, blood, and lymph.         In other words, what vigorous or repetitive motion is doing is “massaging” the body from the inside as the fluids move about and providing an efficient form of neurological “exercise” for the nervous system.

I have described several motion system experiences such as the depressed young woman who had a life-transforming experience with her [deceased] mother while on one of the systems. Others include the woman in one of my workshops who had suffered chronic back pain for twenty years and had it disappear after a session on a motion system. There is evidence that these motion systems alter brain-wave activity (greatly increasing the relaxing alpha and theta waves, and enhancing hemispheric synchronization). They are being used clinically for such purposes as treatment of brain damage, learning disabilities, and drug addiction…

ITEM has applied over 10 years of scientific research and empirical experimentation with the mechanics and physics of consciousness, brain functions, and bioenergy interactions to the concept of the BOSSä horizontal rotation table. As a result, ITEM succeeded in developing effective procedures and methodology for achieving specific results for optimization and synchronization of the human brain using its own custom-manufactured rotation table.         A person simply lies on his or her back or side on the table, and is spun clockwise or counterclockwise at speeds of between 1 and 5 rotations per minute (RPM). This gentle motion produces a subtle, rhythmic pulsing of bodily fluids, beneficially affecting the entire person.

For more case studies and research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

How to Order BOSS

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ is a SPECIAL ORDER PACKAGE, sold under a License Agreement as part of ITEM’s research and development program.  The normal retail price of the complete BOSS™ package has been determined to be $4,995 US (plus shipping).  BOSS™ is subject to ITEM’s terms and conditions of sale.  Payment plans and leasing options may be available to US residents – contact ITEM for more information.  Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.  International deliveries are made by plane to the nearest airport, and the customer must arrange for delivery from the airport.  US deliveries are made by freight carrier to your home or office.

Standard options for BOSS™ tables valued at $4,995 include the following:

  • Manual control panel (the user must manually adjust session speed, direction and time for each cycle).
  • Flat table mattress with comfortable memory foam and head cut-out (for chiropractic or massage therapy applications).
  • Emergency shut-off switch.
Flat Mattress with Head Cut-Out (Standard)

With your order you must specify your local power supply (110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz), the color desired for your table base (gray or beige), and the color desired for your table mattress.

BOSS™ Warranty and Technical Support Information

The manufacturer provides a one-year top to bottom warranty, covering the entire BOSS™ Table.  ITEM serves as the point of contact for technical support during and after the warranty period.  ITEM provides lifetime technical support and participation in a worldwide forum of BOSS™ research.  Complete details are provided in the BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual.

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