Brain Optimization & Synchronization System (BOSS)

The immediate beneficial results provided by BOSS™ are fully verifiable by objective, classical scientific methods. The primary technology used to evaluate BOSS™ is the Electroencephalogram (EEG), the technology used by hospitals and world-class research facilities to fully and accurately document the precise conditions and activities of specific parts of the human brain.

In one particular case, a subject explained to ITEM’s researchers that he experienced excessively left-brained mental processing, accompanied by severely inhibited right-brain activity. The subject felt that in this condition, his sense of humor and ability to relax and play with family and friends was diminished, and he could not stop his constant mental processes of analyzing and planning for projects from his professional job. In a sense, this caused him to always “take his work home” with him, whether he liked it or not. This also led to chronic insomnia, constant high levels of stress and accompanying high blood pressure. Of greatest concern, to him, was that the under-use of his right brain functions prevented him from finding creative, new and innovative solutions and approaches to the most important challenges of his professional work.

A Telemetry EEG analysis revealed highly active brain waves in the left hemisphere, and ITEM’s Resonant Field Imaging™ (RFI™) technology brain chart showed a significantly higher frequency in a key region of the left brain than in the same region of the right brain.


Following these “control” measurements and analyses to determine the most effective use of BOSS™ to equalize the subject’s brain, the subject reclined on the upholstered centrifuge table, and enjoyed 20 minutes of relaxation on the table while spinning one direction at a pre-determined optimal speed. After this first session, additional measurements were taken to determine the “After” results.


These objective scientific measurements present a preliminary indication that BOSS™ is effective in balancing and synchronizing the activity of both hemispheres of the brain. Many other studies, technical details, research and analyses to support this contention are contained in the Practitioner’s Manual which is included with the BOSS™ system.

For more case studies and research on BOSS™, see ITEM’s Overview of Research and Scientific Principles document.  Please use this link for a two-page BOSS™ flyer.  Click here for a brief PowerPoint presentation on BOSS™.

How to Order BOSS

The Brain Optimization and Synchronization System™ is a SPECIAL ORDER PACKAGE, sold under a License Agreement as part of ITEM’s research and development program.  The normal retail price of the complete BOSS™ package has been determined to be $4,995 US (plus shipping).  BOSS™ is subject to ITEM’s terms and conditions of sale.  Payment plans and leasing options may be available to US residents – contact ITEM for more information.  Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.  International deliveries are made by plane to the nearest airport, and the customer must arrange for delivery from the airport.  US deliveries are made by freight carrier to your home or office.

Standard options for BOSS™ tables valued at $4,995 include the following:

  • Manual control panel (the user must manually adjust session speed, direction and time for each cycle).
  • Flat table mattress with comfortable memory foam and head cut-out (for chiropractic or massage therapy applications).
  • Emergency shut-off switch.
Flat Mattress with Head Cut-Out (Standard)

With your order you must specify your local power supply (110 V / 60 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz), the color desired for your table base (gray or beige), and the color desired for your table mattress.

BOSS™ Warranty and Technical Support Information

The manufacturer provides a one-year top to bottom warranty, covering the entire BOSS™ Table.  ITEM serves as the point of contact for technical support during and after the warranty period.  ITEM provides lifetime technical support and participation in a worldwide forum of BOSS™ research.  Complete details are provided in the BOSS™ Practitioner’s Manual.

Legal Notice

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BOSS™ is an experimental system.  This system and its component device are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body.

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