Electromagnetic Protection

Bee Cell’ Phone

cellphoneThe Bee Cell’ Phone® naturally clears potentially harmful radiation resulting from cellular and cordless phones and other wireless communication devices.  It does not wear out and does not need to be replaced. Peel protective cover from adhesive backing and affix to top of phone or behind earpiece.

Price: $26.95

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Bee Electro N’Tech

NTechThe Bee Electro N’Tech® naturally clears excessive electromagnetic pollution resulting from electronic appliances.  It does not wear out over time and does not need to be replaced.  Attach to a computer monitor, laptop, microwave oven, television, or any other appliance to “absorb” potentially harmful radiation.

Price: $31.95

Power Pulsar Magnet Therapy System

PulsarThe Power Pulsar Magnet Therapy System is a pulse magnetic force generator for experimental use with pain management, accelerated recovery from injuries, increasing blood oxygen content, and other conditions.  Choice of two Schumann Resonance pulse rates.

Price: $695.00

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EarthSafeEarthSafe is the only tunable Schumann Resonance device.  By using a variable capacitor, the EarthSafe has the unique ability to be tuned from about 2 Hz to over 20 Hz, to produce the exact frequency that will give maximum benefit to your specific body. And it can be re-adjusted in seconds at any time, for any new circumstance, including the changes taking place in the Earth’s natural field.

Price: $199.99

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Anti-FON™ Telecommunications Accessory

Anti-FONClose2The Anti-FON™ Telecommunications Accessory protects and supports you during the use of cellular phones, cordless phones and other wireless communicators.  After only 3 minutes of talking on a cellular or cordless phone, radiation may begin to reduce the function of your immune system and overall physical condition.  With the quadruple-patented Anti-FON™ Booster protecting you, your mental and physical capabilities may actually increase in the presence of such devices.

Price: $54.95  $39.95

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