NEVOTON® Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster

Protects and supports you during use of Computers and Other High-Tech Systems

The many regulations for computer technologies make working with computers generally safe. Nevertheless, computer users world-wide still experience rapid fatigue, frequent headaches, and weariness. These undesirable effects are caused by low-level electromagnetic fields from the high frequency flow of electronic information signals. Such signals travel constantly at great speeds inside the computer itself, through cables connected to printers, scanners, external drives and other accessories, as well as through the monitor or display screen, constantly generating electromagnetic radiation.

The Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster generates a steady, self-modulated magnetic field with precision technical characteristics for protecting and improving your heath. It is driven by its unique space-age microcircuit, which automatically switches polarity from plus to minus and vice versa, as needed. This high-tech microcircuit is powered by a micro-current from a peizo crystal element. It is engineered to generate an electromagnetic “shield” as a defense against all forms of electromagnetic radiation, protecting and balancing your own bioenergy field.

Because of its unique blend of magnetic material with ferroceramic material, the protective and strengthening magnetic field generated by the Nevoton® Kryton™ is perfectly safe, recreating the same stabilizing natural magnetic field generated by the Earth.

The Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster’s unique space-age design makes it possible to wear in all situations, even in a professional environment where less conservative pendants may not be appropriate, such as an office, law firm, or the board room. In addition to wearing it as an attractive pendant or medallion, you can also enjoy the benefits of your Kryton™ by simply placing it in your shirt or suit pocket.

The Kryton™ Booster is an essential accessory for the following devices and systems:

  •   Personal Computers, Laptops and Palmtops
  •   Telephone & Messaging Pagers, Pocket E-mail Pagers
  •   Digital Cable, Satellites and Large-Screen Televisions
  •   Complex Telephone and Office Switchboard Systems
  •   Complex Audio-Video Systems
  •   Residential Power Lines

(Note – the Kryton™ Anti-Radiation Booster comes in its original Russian packaging with a user’s manual in Russian.  ITEM provides a one-page instruction sheet in English.)


Nevoton® products are not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation or treatment of any disease nor any other medical condition, and are not intended to affect the structure or any biological function of the body.  ITEM offers Nevoton® products for experimental use.  Although ITEM finds the products useful, we recommend that you evaluate objective research on magnet therapy to make an informed decision.

Legal Notice

The Nevoton® Kryton™ is protected by RF Patent No. 8894. Its core technology, as well as advancements of that technology, are additionally protected by the Trade Secret laws of the United States, the Russian Federation, and all applicable international treaties.

“Nevoton” is a registered trademark of Nevoton Scientific Production Company, OOO.  “Biocorrector” is a trademark of Nevoton® together with Innovation Technologies and Energy Medicine (ITEM).  All related descriptions and explanations are Copyright © 1999-2004 Nevoton® and ITEM.


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