BioField Viewer Energy Field Video Imaging

BioField Viewer (BFV) is a state of the art software system based on the principle that photons of light interact with energy fields.

BFV displays a live image on a computer monitor where the electrical signals from a video camera are graded into clearly visible colors representing a much finer gradation of light intensity than the image entering the camera.  Light intensities are distinguished in a way that is impossible to the human eye.

ITEM, in partnership with the Centre for Biofield Sciences (CBS) in India, endorses BFV because it is a perfect complement to the Resonant Field Imaging™ system.  While RFI™ is excellent at objectively and accurately identifying the predominant frequency and color present at a particular location, BFV is the best system available at revealing patterns of energy in and around the body.  Practitioners may use BFV in conjunction with RFI™ to analyze conditions (although neither BFV nor RFI™ are diagnostic instruments).  BFV software includes a number of “filters” that allow you to change the focus and contrast of the image to help visualize areas of “pooling” or congestion (i.e., energy “blockages”).  You can record video segments and “still shots”.  You can also play older video recordings through the software for analysis.  BFV is one of the best investments a serious researcher or practitioner can make in the field of energy medicine.

To use BFV you will need a video camera (digital preferred) and tripod, a computer to view and record video images (a minimum of 2.0 GHz Windows XP (or later) with 512 MB RAM), a video card, a cable to connect the camera to the computer (Firewire preferred), a USB port to plug in the security dongle necessary to run the software, and a full-spectrum lighting environment (floor lighting directed at the subject or an overhead light).  A white background is desirable to ensure the best reflection of light.  For additional information, please review the BioField Viewer User Manual.

The cost of BFV is $3,495.  This price includes the BFV software, a personalized security dongle to use the software, and a free Resonant Field Imaging™ system, which is a valuable complement to BFV’s imaging capabilities.  In-person training with a certified BFV instructor can be arranged following placement of your order for an additional fee.  BFV systems offer free lifetime technical support and upgrades, as well as a 2-year warranty.

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