Top 9 Medical Startups – The Review Composed By A Financial Expert

Top 9 Medical Startups - The Review Composed By A Financial ExpertIs it possible to entrust your health to gadgets and artificial intelligence? We together with a financial expert from decide to overview new developments in the field of healthcare.

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Let’s get acquainted with top 9 startups in healthcare sphere.

#1. FreeStyle Libre
Specification: glucose monitoring system
Company: Abbott
How much it costs: $6.8 million
Country: USA
Investors: Bigfoot Biomedical, Alere, Respicardia

Abbott has developed a FreeStyle Libre sensor for measuring blood glucose levels. A system of continuous personal monitoring of glucose levels is necessary for people with diabetes mellitus. The sensor is installed on the back of the hand and is designed for continuous wear for 2 weeks. At this time, it measures the glucose level in the intercellular fluid once a minute, thereby making you free from the need to pierce your finger every time.

The sensor is waterproof, which allows you to take a shower, swim and exercise while using it. The third version of the sensor is considered the smallest and thinnest glucose sensor in the world. Abbott has also introduced new free digital solutions for people with diabetes: FreeStyle LibreLink, LibreLinkUp and LibreView software, which are designed to simplify diabetes control for patients and caregivers, as well as help doctors make more informed decisions on the management of the disease.

#2. Sequential Skin
Specification: a patch for skin diagnostics
Company: Sequential Skin
How much it costs: $2.2 million
Country: England
Investors: Megaplanet Holdings, Genedant, SOZV

A company from England has invented a patch with which anyone can analyze the gene and microbiome of the skin. Based on the data obtained, an individual skin care plan is drawn up.

In order to use this service, you need to order a set on the company’s website, make a test and send the set back to the company.

After that, data such as moisture content, reaction to the sun and UV rays, regeneration, production of antioxidants and the presence of 4 main types of bacteria on the skin surface will be analyzed. The service also includes a mobile application with personalized skin care recommendations based on the results obtained. In addition to making a profit from sales, the company collects data for subsequent global research. $2.2 million was invested in the company, the last major investment of $1.7 million occurred on October 10, 2021.

#3. CART‑I
Specification: a ring for heart rate monitoring and arrhythmia detection
Company: Sky Labs
How much it costs: $4.2 million
Country: South Korea
Investors: TBT, Bayer, SparkLabs Global Ventures

The South Korean firm Sky Labs has developed a CART‑I heart rate monitoring and arrhythmia detection system made in the form of a ring. The founders of Sky Labs are experienced engineers from the Samsung Electronics DMC Research Center.

The device is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP58 standard and can be worn in everyday life without any problems. The battery capacity of the device is enough to work for 48 hours, and a full recharge takes 2 hours. The data obtained using the CART‑I ring can be checked in real time via the Cart-App. Ring users can download the app for free in stores for Android and iOS systems. The program can also load a list of doctors to whom users can seek appropriate advice.

#4. CureApp
Specification: a device that helps you quit smoking
Company: CureApp
How much it costs: $18.5 million
Country: Japan
Investors: Dai-ichi Life, Healthcare Innovation, Shinsei Bank

The Japanese company CureApp has developed an application in which users can take notes on the state of health and get a forecast of the development of diseases in the body. During its existence, the startup has already caused a real stir among investors: in March 2021, about $18.5 million was invested in the company.

The startup CureApp has received permission to manufacture and sell the first therapeutic application in Asia, CureApp SC, for the treatment of nicotine addiction.

CureApp SC is a medical device designed for patients who want to give up smoking. The device helps to quit smoking at home. The product consists of 3 components: a patient application, a doctor application and a portable CO Checker.

Due to the fact that the smartphone is always close to the user, the application can provide individual recommendations depending on the person’s state. The application is used together with a portable carbon monoxide CO–checker, which allows you to accurately measure the concentration of carbon monoxide in your breath at home.

The application also gives individual tips on adjusting nutrition, lifestyle and habits, helps in the fight against smoking and chronic diseases.

#5. Keepapp
Specification: The Mental Health Gym app
Company: KeepAppy
How much does it cost:30 thousand euros
Country: Ireland
Investors: private sponsors

Two activists from Ireland, Aimee-Louise Carton and Will Ben Sims created an application that allows you to monitor mental health as well as physical.

With 10 different features approved by psychologists, KeepAppy gives users the ability to control their mental state in the same way that a gym gives people the ability to control their physical fitness. This app is a complete set of tools to boost mood or manage stress.

The app is available in 137 countries for Android and iOS in English.

#6. Enemy
Specification: a platform for pediatric home care for children with autism
Company: Enemy
How much it costs: $323 million
Country: USA
Investors: Ashton Kutcher, Bill Ekman, Goodwater Capital

A young startup from San Francisco, launched under the name Sprout just over a year ago, received initial funding of $ 10 million. Since then, the company has changed its name to Elemy, and its total investment is $323 million.

Elemis has developed a platform that helps parents go through the autism diagnosis process and get home therapy for their child.

#7. Theator
Specification: a platform for analyzing surgical operations
Company: Theator
How much it costs: $18.5 million
Country: USA
Investors: NFX, Anne Wojcicki, iAngels

Theator was founded in 2018, the total funding budget is $ 18.5 million. Theator is a platform that uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to analyze video recordings from operations and gives surgeons the opportunity to improve their skills based on the experience of other colleagues.

#8. Intelligent Lab on Fiber
Specification: a “smart” laboratory
Company: iLoF – Intelligent Lab on Fiber
How much it costs: 3.2 million dollars
Country: United Kingdom
Investors: M12 – Microsoft’s Venture Fund, Mayfield Fund, EIT Health

The Oxford-based company, founded in 2019, creates tools for portable screening and rapid analysis of biomarkers. $3.2 million has already been invested in Intelligent Lab on Fiber.

The startup uses photonics, the processing of optical signals emanating from photons, and artificial intelligence technologies to test patients’ blood for proteins or peptides.

#9. Neumora Therapeutics
Specification: high-precision medicines for brain diseases
Company: Neumora Therapeutics
How much it costs: $500 million
Country: USA
Investors: Amgen, Newpath Management, Alexandria Venture Investments

The American biotech company Neumora Therapeutics, specializing in brain diseases, announced its launch on October 7, 2021. Prior to that, the company operated independently and has been closed since 2019.

This is the most expensive healthcare startup of all time. In one day, Neumora raised more than $500 million, including a $100 million investment from Amgen, the largest American biopharmaceutical company. The company plans to create several high-precision drugs for brain diseases using a patented data collection method.

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